Choose wisely

It’s been said that you regret the things you don’t do more than you regret the things you did that had negative outcomes. It’s been said life is about taking risks. It’s been said that a life without risk is a boring life. However, that doesn’t mean you’re supposed to be reckless on a daily basis.

Living everyday like it’s your last doesn’t mean you’re allowed to be wild and carefree and neglect your responsibilities. YOLO (you only live once) isn’t supposed to be your life motto if you think it means you can break the law, risk your life or the life of others.

These popular phrases, the way you interpret them at least, mean you’re supposed to embrace every new experience you have. They mean you’re supposed to enjoy every moment with your loved ones, both the good and the bad. They mean you are expected to take advantage of anything in life that will propel you and improve your lifestyle.

However, it seems as though people, especially those in my age group (18-24) interpret it a whole other way. Some people think these statements mean you should smoke weed and drink alcohol in order to enjoy and live life to the fullest. Others think it means it’s okay to take risks, with acts such as unprotected sex and other possibly harmful sexual activities.

Please, heed my advice! If you’re one of the ones who think YOLO means to be young, wild and free all day, everyday, kindly re-evaluate the way you look at life! Life isn’t that easy and risks can be harmful to yourself and others so choose wisely!

Nay <3

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