The final seven

sweet soca finalists chosen at last weekend’s pork lime

A slow start with a crowd that seemed to be waiting for something, was what greeted a number of performers at the Sweet Soca Semi-finals held last weekend at the Pork Lime at Lime’s Wildey complex.

In the end there were no real surprises among the final seven chosen to face reigning monarch Red Plastic Bag, because inevitably the ones for whom there was the most response from the crowd are through to the ultimate competition.

The finalists are Mikey, Lil Rick, Blood, Khiomal, TC, Biggie Irie and Mr. Dale, with Natahlee as reserve. They successfully beat out a line-up that included Hypasounds – Wuk It Up Bad; Peter Ram – Party; Blood and Hypasounds – Any & Everything; Basil – Bounce Around; Lorenzo – I Come to Party; Statement – Get On De Road; Brett – When De Road Call; Unda Dawg – A Love Dat, and Katalyst – Choir – each of which were individually very strong songs and contenders.

There was almost a lull in the crowd early into the competition as some performers seemed hard pressed to move the large audience that turned out to the event. Some patrons though blamed it on the fact that they could hardly hear the performances due to the positioning of the speakers, which were all facing in one general direction.

So as the crowd continued to grow, and long lines outside the gates got even longer, those that packed the field to the right of the stage had to strain to hear much beyond the bass of the music, and the audio was definitely muffled.

There were equally long lines for the roasted pork and some who did not come for the food or just to lime, set up camp on the lawns in folding chairs for the duration of the show.

At the end of the evening, while most of the competitors did their best, some pulling out as many of the stops as they could, with dancers and even carnival costumes on stage, it was a throw-up between Lil Rick and Mikey for the most responsive performance of the night, with I Like Muhself and We Loose respectively.

It is also clear that a number of issues, particularly to do with sound, the fact that some of the audience could neither see the stage nor clearly hear what was coming from it and then the issue of a band — or lack thereof — that need to be ironed out for next time. (LB)

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