Parris suing Nation

former clico boss files writ against newspaper over

two stories

Former Executive Chairman of Clico Holdings Barbados Limited, Leroy Parris, is suing the Nation Publishing Company for defamation.

Reliable sources told Barbados TODAY the appropriate writ was filed in the Supreme Court this morning and before the end of the week the Nation would be served.

Parris’ team of attorneys were Michael Yearwood, Hal Gollop and Steve Gollop and the source said in the documents they alleged that the defamation of the former Clico boss occurred in the Weekend Nation of February 24 and again on March 9.

The source said the writ alleges that in the first article, the Trinidad-owned company printed that Parris was missing and therefore frustrating the court marshals in their attempt to serve him with certain court documents that related to criminal charges brought against him. Parris’†attorneys later insisted that statement was untrue.

At the time, court documents state, Yearwood wrote to the newspaper immediately after the February 24 article and stated that Parris was in fact not avoiding court marshals who might have attempted to serve, he did not change his address, was in Barbados and was going about his†business as usual and he was indeed available to be served whenever the marshals saw it fit.

In spite of that letter to the Fontabelle, St. Michael business, the court documents state, the newspaper published a subsequent story on March 9 claiming that Parris was spotted at a gas station in Warrens and still asserted as fact that marshals were trying to serve him and were unsuccessful but yet they caught him filling up his vehicle with gas.

The source, who is very close to the matter, further said Parris was suing for general and exemplary damages. Exemplary damages is a remedy that the courts make available if it found that the behaviour of the defendant was high handed and oppressive, in that they would have calculated the benefit to them would outweigh any potential compensation they would have to pay for defamation.

The attorneys are also asking for cost and an injunction that the publication refrained from publishing such material about Parris, either by itself, agents or employees.

In June, Minister of Agriculture, Food, Fisheries and Water Resource Management, David Estwick, also sued the publishing company for defamation. KC)

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