Compass in the wilderness

I searched and searched the world around

In hope of faith and meaning

Beyond closed doors and busy streets

Along smoky alleys I sat weeping;

Paths mercilessly entwined

Mere shadows in the wilderness

And up he came, eyes of a hawk

Enticing smiles and covertness;

Words of promise, all disowned

A liar and a thief, his prey he purposed me to be

Beauty, charm and poise, too many to recall

Falling stars amidst the abyss of eternity;

O Hear my cry, My Lord

Hide not Thy face from me this day

For I am weak and shattered

No map, no compass, I’ve gone astray;

And life took on a new beginning

The shining light of Grace

And to my dreams He brought true meaning

Peacefully in my heart it took its place;

He showered me with His Holy Spirit

To overcome my enemies, strong

And in good faith to endure all things

Knowing to Whom I will always belong.

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