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Chief Scout is new President of BBSA

Governor General Sir Elliott Belgrave is the new president of the Barbados Boy Scouts Association. In addition to his role as the Chief Scout, Sir Elliott was appointed to the office of President at the Annual General Meeting of the Association, which was held at the Combermere School on Tuesday 3rd July 2012.

Over the years, the accustomed venue for the Annual General Meeting was the headquarters of the Barbados Boy Scouts Association. However, recognising the role Combermere has played in the formation of Scouting in Barbados and with the recommendation and approval from the Chief Scout, it was decided to take the Annual General Meeting to the venue where the Troop would also be celebrating its Centenary, that is, the Combermere Scout Troop.

Combermere was registered as the first Troop and has a historic and significant place in the history of Barbadian Scouting. It was therefore a very proud moment when after many attempts to revitalise this Troop, that one of the newest leaders in Barbados, Simon Alleyne, took his place as the Leader of the Combermere Troop.

Combermere can once again take its place proudly on the Barbadian Scouting landscape during this historic Centenary Year. Also present at this special Annual General Meeting was Vere Parris, Principal of the Combermere School and the Sponsoring Authority of the Scout Troop.

At this meeting the Chief Commissioner, Dr. Nigel Taylor presented his report in which he outlined the progress, achievements and challenges of the national Association. Using the Centenary theme “Celebrating Our Scouting Heritage, 1912 – 2012” as the platform for his presentation he told the audience that the words should remind them of the time to unfold new horizons and realise new dreams, to rediscover the strength and faith within themselves and to prepare to “Be Prepared”.

Encouraging his Scout Council Members further, he noted that the many dreams and fulfillment of the same are the composition of ingredients which propel the Association to do even more for the male youth in our country. He stated that the year opened a fresh energy from within which seemingly radiated and sought to fulfill new dreams; create new opportunities and embark on successful journeys on the Scouting Trail.

Volunteers needed

The Chief Commissioner noted that the success of the Barbados Boy Scouts Association was due mainly in part to the host of volunteers who give of their times, talents and abilities to this movement. This in essence is one of the main ingredients which have contributed to its success.

Continuing, he stated that the organisation has survived for the most part from the graciousness of the many persons and companies who saw the benefits Scouting can bring to the discipline of young men and are willing to assist in its development by being partners in this venture.

Reports on the four Scout Sections showed that the Association is still growing. As a matter of fact, the census which was presented in the report showed sustained growth over the past four years.

Promote Scouting march and display

The Chief Commissioner spoke glowingly of the many adults, parents and friends of Scouting who took part in the Centennial Promotional March through Bridgetown during January 2012. He stated that one can see that the interest in Scouting has remained high amidst the financial challenges which plague the programming areas for both the boys and Leaders.

Training Promotions in the BBSA

The Chief Commissioner informed the gathering that he had appointed three senior Leaders to leadership positions in the Training Section of the Association. Tony Archer was appointed the National Training Commissioner, Tony Graham was appointed a Leader Trainer, awarded four beads and further appointed the Deputy National Training Commissioner and Marva Kirton was appointed a Leader Trainer and awarded four beads.

A total of 107 Leaders received training during the 2011-2012 Scout Year while a total of 51 new leaders joined the ranks within the Barbados Boy Scouts Association during the year after successfully completing the Initial Course.


Reporting on the World Scout Jamboree on the Internet and Jamboree on the Air which are international Scout Meetings on the Internet and on the Air taking place every year on the third weekend of October.

The Chief Commissioner stated that this 54th anniversary of Jamboree on the Air and the 15th anniversary of Jamboree on the Internet should be very special for our Centenary Year. Reflecting on the theme of Peace, Environment and Natural Disasters, the Scouts had opportunities to share with Scouters all over the world using the modern technology which is available to them.

These two activities easily focused on the strength of Scouting, that is, to act and support in the unforeseen circumstances because Scouts are always prepared.

He further mentioned that Scouts all over the world and in Barbados were brought into contact with those members of associations which had natural or climatic disasters, but who were now recovering, albeit at a slower rate than was expected. The earthquakes and tsunamis which affected Thailand and Haiti and even more recently in Japan were topics of conversations in the world arena.

In reporting some of the high points of the year, the Chief Commissioner mentioned that Sir Belgrave, at the time Acting Governor General of Barbados and Chief Scout of the Barbados Boy Scouts Association, conferred Sir Clifford Husbands and Sir Denys Williams as Honorary Chief Scouts of the Barbados Boy Scouts Association. This was a historic action as there are no recorded Honorary Chief Scouts within the history of the Association.

Resolutions passed at the AGM

At this Centennial Annual General Meeting of the Barbados Boy Scouts Association, five resolutions were passed. In summary these resolutions were:

1. Resolution to congratulate the Chief Scout on his appointment as Governor General of Barbados.

2. Resolution to recognise the outstanding service to the Barbados Boy Scouts Association of former and currently Honorary Chief Scouts Sir Clifford Husbands and Sir Denys Williams.

3. Resolution to confer on Sir Harcourt Lewis the title of President Emeritus.

4. Resolution to confer on Basil Forbes the title of Chief Commissioner Emeritus.

5. Resolution to congratulate the Combermere Scout Troop on its Centenary of Scouting in Barbados.

In closing the Chief promised that the leadership of the Scouts Association would not allow the harsh economic climate which has placed serious constraints upon them to dwarf their efforts on honouring and recognising those who have served them so well over the years for Scouting is a dynamic, innovative movement with resources, simple structures and democratic decision making processes where organisation, management and communication are effective at all levels. Everyone must be involved and play an active part.

Good Hunting!

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