Barbados Today Read, Watch, Listen & Discuss Fri, 31 Oct 2014 02:49:51 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Play ball Fri, 31 Oct 2014 02:49:51 +0000 Road tennis in Barbados is enjoying a boom.

And it is about to get even bigger.

At a media launch today for the second edition of the Massy United Insurance-sponsored Clash Of The Titans Road Tennis Tournament it was revealed that Barbados’ best would be competing for a top prize of $12,000 – the sports biggest ever payday. Additionally, prize money will be spread further into tournament than ever before.

Business manager of Massy United Insurance, Sharron Alleyne- Elcock, handing over the sponsorship cheque to president of the Professional Road Tennis Association, Dale Clarke as Antonio Daniel (left) and Mark Griffith (right) look on.

Business manager of Massy United Insurance, Sharron Alleyne- Elcock, handing over the sponsorship cheque to president of the Professional Road Tennis Association, Dale Clarke as Antonio Daniel (left) and Mark Griffith (right) look on.

And also for the first time a ranking system will be introduced for the tourney that is expected to attract the likes of Antoine L’il Man Daniel, Anthony Black Dog Richards, Mark Venom Griffith and Julian Michael Jackson White when the first ball is served on November 9 at the Villages, Coverley, Christ Church.

During this morning’s Press conference at Massy United Insurance on Broad Street, St Michael, to launch the tournament, chief executive officer of the Professional Road Tennis Association, Dale Clarke, assured road tennis fans that this year’s clash would be bigger and better than previous competitions.

“Each year we are looking to make the tournament bigger and better. For the first time in road tennis history you have a ranking system where the top forty-five players who played in the last Clash Of The Titans and Monarchs Of The Court competitions have been ranked. We have applied the ATP ranking system to it with [Mark] Griffith ranked at number one and [Antonio] Daniel ranked number two,” Clarke said.

Clarke added: “What we have done this year is increase the reward for the players. Before you used to just get a monetary reward when you got to the semi-finals. In this tournament, you will be receiving money when you lose in the round of sixteen. Each person would get $75 and at the quarter-finals stage the losing quarter-finalist will get $150.”

The format for this year’s tournament will remain the same with the registration fee at $100. According to the president, the numbers for this year’s competition has increased from 32 to 64 which include men, Under-21 and women’s division with the runner-up in the Clash Of The Titans showdown receiving $6,000.

Clarke explained that this year’s tournament would begin with a players’ reception on November 6 at Bagatelle, St Thomas. The semi-finals and final will be played at the popular Ranch on the Spring Garden Highway and the final will be broadcast live via the Caribbean Media Corporation (CMC).

Current Monarch Of The Courts winner Daniel and defending champion of the Clash Of Titans, Griffith, have had a great rivalry on the road tennis circuit and said they would let their tennis rackets do the talking for that all important grand prize.

Daniel told Barbados TODAY since money had been invested into the tournament he was hungry to win and would be going after the big cash come Independence Day.

“I am thankful to Massy for sponsoring this tournament because we were thirsty for money for a long time. Years ago you were just playing for trophies and I got bored of that and that is why I stopped. But some money is coming into it and I am good enough to get some so I will be here. We have a lot of good tennis players in Barbados. They are very good so there is no telling that I will win all the time but on the court they know that I mean war. You have to bring your A game to beat me on that court, you bring it you win,” Daniel said confidently.

Meanwhile, Griffith the youngest ‘A’ class champion at age 30, said he did feel some pressure being the defending champion and especially with the way in which the indigenous sport of Barbados had taken off lately.

 “Yes, I do feel increased pressure honestly. Road tennis, to some, it may be a small sport for now but, as you see, it is evolving. For me personally, it takes a lot out of me. I have to train hard and [have had] a lot of sleepless nights.”

However, Griffith said he was ready to defend his title and was looking forward to playing against the veteran Richards who he has never seen play before.

Road tennis has been attracting thousands and the the same is anticipated for this year’s Clash Of The Titans.

]]> 0 One cultural icon whom we might emulate Fri, 31 Oct 2014 02:08:37 +0000 The man often described as the most prolific documentalist –– photographically –– of Barbadian personages and proceedings, and being among the strictest of guardians of the Barbadian calypso, we must most regrettably now say a final goodbye to.

The celebrated cinematographer, videographer and still photographer Peter Roy Marsden Byer, just three short years ago –– on December 24, his birthday –– formally retired at 65 from the Barbados Government Information Service (BGIS) after nigh four decades of being the declared standard bearer for many a young professional at the Bay Street media house and beyond its gates.

Within the time frame of 40 years, Peter Roy would have photographed thousands of people –– from Royalty to presidents, to prime ministers, to Joe Bloggs. Through his well maintained and guarded lenses, he would have captured for posterity memorable moments and occasions of the social, political and cultural landscape of Barbados, time and time again.

The name Peter Roy Byer would become synonymous with Barbados Government Information Service documentaries aired on CBCTV 8 over the years, his cinematic precision and pictorial self-editing laid bare for all to see. Mr Byer’s photographic skills and talent would be noted over the years in such BGIS productions as Journal 5, Agroscope, On Camera
and the award-winning documentary Freedom Is that chronicled the history of the first “free village” in Barbados –– at Rock Hall in St Thomas.

Peter Roy was the perfectionist; but he never assumed his earned expertise was solely of his making. He had often publicly credited his knowledge and proficiency in his cinematic profession to acclaimed fellow photographers the late Richard Barnett, Willie Alleyne, the late Paul Mandeville, Gordon Brooks and the late Cyprian LaTouche Junior.

Born on Christmas Eve, 1945, Peter Roy’s passion for photography started at an early age –– rivalled only by his love of calypso music. Mr Byer once boasted that his two greatest extra-curricular interests while at school –– and his classmates knew it –– were his picture taking and the calypso beat.

In later years, Mr Byer would assist in calypso tents and, as was his wont, would offer calypsonians advice on their songwriting and performance. But it was in 1987 that he took the formal plunge, establishing the Gladiators Calypso Tent –– subsequently renamed Kingdom Of Super Gladiators –– which he would finance and manage for over 25 years. This after helping to form the once popular Battlefield Calypso Tent.

What happens now to the Kingdom Of Super Gladiators at De Village Gate at Waterford, St Michael, on the passing of its creator is left to be seen –– but there is every good wish for its continuance.

Holding calypso to be “the best music genre in the world”, Peter Roy sought to instil the best principles of its writing and performance by having many workshops over the years at his Waterford base, enlisting the services of some of the very best practitioners of the art form; and panel discussions on calypso itself –– for a greater understanding and appreciation of the genre –– were a feature annually. Mr Byer’s invaluable contribution to the development and sustenance of the art form could hardly have gone unnoticed.

Peter Roy, who believed strongly that calypso was storytelling put to music, and that there were quite a number of good storytellers, sought wherever he could to facilitate such performance and presentation. But he pulled no punches when the occasion arose to state his perspective and position to his calypso protégés and wards or musically inclined peers.

The Barbadian cultural notable was candid and straightforward –– at times brusque –– but always honest. And he never apologized for his outspokenness. His personification of the expressed truth is what we learnt over time to endure, and ultimately to love –– whether it had to do with cinematography, calypso tent management, or technique at a game of dominoes, several series of which he himself hosted at De Village Gate.

Besides his strong personality and one-of-a-kind sense and expression of humour, missed as much will be that cultural reservoir of knowledge that we can no longer draw on. Gone too will be that observable intolerance for anything less than perfectionism after which he strove, and which practice he expected of those who marched with him.

Always broaching with his close allies initiatives for developing calypso and calypsonians, he never floundered before the challenges his Kingdom Of The Super Gladiators Tent would sometimes present –– testimony

to a resilience some of us might seek to emulate.

Indeed, Peter Roy Byer himself has been a tribute to Barbadian life and living. He will stand an unforgettable icon on the cultural landscape of Barbados.

The Barbados TODAY family offers its deepest condolences to his dearest Valmay, children and other close relatives.

]]> 0 WICB sends out letter Fri, 31 Oct 2014 01:52:44 +0000 In an attempt to gain the initiative in the standoff with its international players, WICB president Dave Cameron has sent a letter of reassurance to regional players, days before the domestic season starts.

Cameron sent out the letter the day before the WICB’s board of directors met to discuss the crisis arising out of West Indies players’ pullout from the India tour earlier this month over a payments-structure dispute.

It appears Cameron does not want the issue to impact the revamped first-class tournament, the Professional Cricket League (PCL), even as the international players, WICB and West Indies Players Association (WIPA) start a fresh round of negotiations to resolve the deadlock.

Calling the PCL a “historic endeavour” in the two-page letter sent on October 20 to each of the 90 participating players, Cameron underlined one of the biggest benefits for the regional players was a guaranteed “stable” income including the scope for growth based on performance.

A part of the structural overhaul recommended earlier this year by WICB’s director of cricket Richard Pybus, the PCL will have six franchises –– Barbados, Guyana Jaguars, Jamaica, Leeward Islands, Trinidad & Tobago Red Force, and Windward Island Volcanoes –– facing off between November 14 and March 23. Under the new system, each of the territorial boards was allowed to retain and contract ten local players, with the rest of the region’s players going into a player draft, by which the teams completed their 15-man squads.

“Dear Player, I write to convey the West Indies Cricket Board’s sincere congratulations to you on being one of the elite cricketers in the West Indies who has been specially selected for participation in the inaugural and historic WICB Professional Cricket League (PCL),” Cameron wrote.

“We are especially pleased that the PCL will allow you to pursue your passion in a truly professional environment on a day-to-day basis with your franchise while providing a stable income for you and your family. The PCL is a revolutionary introduction into the West Indian cricketing landscape which the WICB anticipates will transform West Indies first-class, List A and international cricket.”

According to the PCL’s salary structure, a player stands to earn an annual retainer between US $15,600 and $36,000, excluding match fees and prize money. The player will also stand to earn $13,000 for playing a full season of 10 matches in the regional four-day completion, and $4900 for seven matches in the NAGICO Super50 (the One-Day competition). Thus he stands to make a potential annual income of $33,500-$53,900, depending on his seniority and performance.

“Naturally there are further opportunities for your annual earnings to be even further enhanced with participation in the Caribbean Premier League, selection to the West Indies A team and West Indies team,” Cameron noted. “We look forward to you further enhancing your skills and credentials to allow you to exploit these game-changing economic opportunities for regional cricketers.”

Cameron also acknowledged the concerns raised by senior players during the WIPA AGM in February. According to the minutes of the AGM, senior Guyana and West Indies batsman Shivnarine Chanderpaul had complained about the unsatisfactory conditions of the grounds and pitches for domestic cricket.

“We are aware of some concerns raised by your players’ association  –– WIPA –– with regard to the standard of facilities for regional cricket and we offer our commitment to ensuring that all aspects of the PCL is truly reflective of its ‘professional’ status,” Cameron wrote. He also urged the players to show “continued professionalism and dedication with your franchise”.

]]> 0 JAMAICA-Daylight murder sparks fear Fri, 31 Oct 2014 01:39:10 +0000 KINGSTON –– The mid-morning murder of a man outside an apartment complex on the outskirts of New Kingston yesterday has triggered fear among residents and staff at businesses in the area.

Detectives from the Kingston and St Andrew Major Investigation Task Force report that about 11:30 a.m. Collin Mann, 43, and another individual were standing at the entrance to the complex on Kensington Crescent when a group of armed men, travelling in a car, drove up and alighted from the vehicle.

Police at the scene of yesterday’s murder of a man by gunmen on Kensington Crescent on the outskirts of New Kingston.

Police at the scene of yesterday’s murder of a man by gunmen on Kensington Crescent on the outskirts of New Kingston.

Mann, the Jamaica Observer was told, made a desperate attempt to escape but was chased and shot several times in the street.

The other individual, who was injured, was rushed to hospital where he has been admitted.

“Reports we received are that close to midday the two men were at the complex when they were attacked by criminals who shot them several times and then escaped in a waiting motor car,” said one detective.

Police said a motive has not been identified, but explained that they were following several leads, one of them being that the attack, which they believe could be a contract killing, was linked to the shooting death of a couple in Lea’s Flat, Red Hills, St Andrew, over a week ago.

That, however, has not eased the fear of some residents, many of whom work in and around New Kingston and in offices in the vicinity of yesterday’s brazen murder.

“This sort of thing go happen in the area, it has left all of us in fear,” said one woman who told the Observer that she was walking on Kensington Crescent when she heard loud explosions.

“I was so shocked, all I could do was run to a nearby property and hide,” she said.

Another woman said she was in her house when she heard the gunshots.

“I heard the shots, but I just never imagined it was in the area. This has really left me in shock,” she said.

Yesterday, as police continued their search for clues at the crime scene, they sought to assure residents that they had nothing to fear, adding that they will be keeping a presence in the area.

]]> 0 WORLD-Malala donates prize money Fri, 31 Oct 2014 01:34:31 +0000 JERUSALEM — The United Nations agency that assists Palestinian refugees says Nobel Peace Prize laureate Malala Yousafzai has donated $50,000 to rebuild a UN school in Gaza damaged during this summer’s Israel-Hamas war.

Malala Yousafzai

Malala Yousafzai

UNRWA says Malala is donating all of the proceeds of the US$50,000 World Children’s Prize, which she collected in Stockholm yesterday.

The agency quoted Malala as saying Palestinian children deserved a quality education, and that “without education, there will never be peace”.

Dozens of Gaza’s UN schools were damaged or destroyed during the 50-day war. Israel says it fired near schools responding to Hamas’ attacks from the areas.

The 17-year-old Malala won this year’s Nobel Peace Prize for promoting girls’ rights in her native Pakistan. She survived a shot in the head by a Taliban gunman two years ago. 

]]> 1 QC thrash Lodge School Fri, 31 Oct 2014 01:22:28 +0000 The Lodge School played today like a team under siege.

And they were.

Playing at Husbands, St James, Queen’s College ran rings around the St. John school in a lopsided 71-10 victory as action in the National Sports Council’s Massy United Insurance-sponsored Secondary Schools Basketball Tournament continued.

Queen's College about to score more easy points.

Queen’s College about to score more easy points.

Playing in division one, Queen’s College opened up a strong lead very early in the first quarter at 16-2 with half those points scored by Devon Deane who eventually ended with a game-high 16 points.

In the second quarter The Lodge School were unable to score a single point while Queen’s College scored 27 points to go into the penultimate quarter 43-2. Daron Kirton scored all nine of his points in the quarter to lead the school’s offensive.

The Lodge School did manage to add six points to their scoresheet but Queen’s College continued their dominance and Joshua Austin joined in the demolition act to score six of his 14 points to give Queen’s College a 59-8 advantage going into the final quarter.

The final quarter was more of the same as Queen’s College dominated while The Lodge School waited for the referee to blow his whistle and put them out of their misery. Alec Green was the main spark for The Lodge School with seven points.

]]> 0 Bajan Muslims about peace Thu, 30 Oct 2014 15:47:26 +0000 Barbados TODAY continues its series on the Muslim community with their call for Barbadians not to fear them. 

As militant attacks by the ISIS terrorist group continues to make headlines across the world, the Muslim community in Barbados is focused on spreading mercy, tolerance, love and brotherhood – all principles of the Islamic faith. That is why there is no need for non-Muslims in Barbados to fear members of the community rising up against the general population.

This is the message echoed by Imam Aakil Bhula, as he shared his opinions with Barbados TODAY about the terrorist group, showing how its negative activities differed from the true teachings of Islam, which Muslims here adhered to.

“I guess I have as much information of who ISIS is as you do – and as everyone else does. Basically, what we know is from the media, that ISIS is a breakaway faction of Al-Qaeda, who are even more radical than Al-Qaeda.

“There are many people in the name of religion or religious zeal who misinterpret things to suit [themselves],” said Bhula. “There are people who will do things in the name of Christianity; and there are Muslims, in the name of Islam, who will do what they want to do.

“It is like a person in an organization doing something the organization does not approve of, and then the organization comes out in the paper and says so; and so doesn’t have any links to [such person]. The same thing has happened here. Here is a group of people, and they are doing certain things that go against all that Islam explains.

“That is why I always say to check back to the source. Check back and see what Islam is, and if they are doing something that is contrary to Islam. Then you know that they are not representing Islam at all,” the imam affirmed.

Bhula is of the view that checking back with the sources means looking at the Islamic faith, its principles and teachings. What is Islam? Islam, with its word meaning being surrender or submission, is one of the world’s major religions with approximately 1.2 billion adherents, right behind Christianity that has 1.9 billion, and surpasses Judaism with its 14 million.

Like Christianity and Judaism, Islam teaches monotheism, which is the doctrine that there is only one God in all existence. The religion also teaches that Allah (God) is supreme, all-knowing, ever-present, different from all creations, is in complete control of all things, having created the universe, which continues to exist by His permission and will.

The Koran is the sacred book of Muslims and is broken up into 114 chapters called suras that cover a wide range of subjects, including ethics, history, law, theology and science. Muslims consider Muhammad to be the final prophet of God to the world.

“When I study The Koran, Islam actually means peace,” said Imam Bhula. “One of the names of God is Peace. And over and over again in The Koran it teaches the better person is the one who forgives. The Koran has been interpreted by the prophet, peace be upon him, practically, and his companions who would have continued and carried on the message.

“And when we look at their behaviour and how they conducted themselves –– whether they were with Muslims or those who are not Muslims –– there is this general pattern of love and peace and mercy,” the imam explained.

He continued: “In The Koran we are commanded that the prophet is the perfect example for you. Study the life of the prophet and you will see what true Islam is. And throughout his life you would see that no matter whom he was with, it could have been an old lady stopping him and wanting to speak to him, he stopped spoke to her, fulfilled her request and carried on.”

Bhula stressed that the objective of Muslims in Barbados was to live in peace and harmony, as they had done since coming to the island 104 years ago.

“It is not that a Muslim would want to take over Barbados. There is no need to fear that one day people are going to get up and say we want to take over or do something radical,” he said. “We go to school here; I went to public schools. We grew up with Muslim friends and non-Muslim friends, and we do the same things that everyone else does. It is not that we are here to do something else, or we are here to do something different,” he said.

What is different about Muslims would perhaps be their wear, because they dress as Muslims. You would see them going to the mosque, because that is their sacred place of worship where they pray five times a day. You would not see them in the rum shops drinking alcohol, or in a casino gambling, because those are forbidden actions in their religion.

“We adhere to our faith, and that’s it. The root of Islam is that you be kind to your neighbours; not only left hand and right hand. Extend it it to 40 doors down. Be kind to your family. When you live in a society you have to be kind, you have to be nice, you have to be gentle.

“In Islamic land, both Muslims and non-Muslims are given rights; but we are here in this society where there are people of all different religions and we have to uphold that respect and that honour and love for each and every person. You are told be charitable to Muslims, non-Muslims, and even animals. It is significant in our religion that even animals have rights,” Imam Bhula said.

There are about 3,000 Muslims living in Barbados, and five mosques.

]]> 16 Done with PIs Thu, 30 Oct 2014 12:07:05 +0000 The Freundel Stuart administration is abolishing preliminary inquiries (PIs) in the Magistrates’ Courts.

Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite informed the monthly business luncheon of the Barbados Chamber of Commerce and Industry at Hilton Barbados Resort this afternoon that a bill to amend the Evidence Act will go before Parliament next week.

The announcement by the Attorney General to abolish preliminary inquiries, came nearly two months after Chief Justice Sir Marston Gibson called for such a measure.

When he addressed the opening of the 2014/2015 legal year on September 9, Sir Marston said the existence of preliminary inquiries had created a remand problem, as accused people were waiting years, in some cases, to have PIs completed in the Magistrates’ Courts so the cases could go on to the High Court if required.

]]> 0 Dramatic end coming for Safari series Thu, 30 Oct 2014 11:22:42 +0000 The Barbados Rally Club’s (BRC) 2014 Chefette MudDogs Safari and Safari Novice Championships are heading for a dramatic conclusion. Competitors are making ready for the last of the season’s five events, the November Safari (Sunday, November 9), sponsored by Nassco for the seventh straight year.

In the overall standings, reigning champions Leslie Alleyne and Chris O’Neal (Isuzu D-Max) are tied on 232 points with Derek Gill and Andrew Croney (Mitsubishi Pajero); even applying the dropped-score rule –– crews count only their four best results –– fails to separate them, dropping them both to 178 points.

Alleyne and O’Neal started their title defence in style, with victory on the BRC March Safari, with Gill and Croney second. Just three weeks later, Gill and Croney won the Chefette April Safari, with the reigning champions third. On the MudDogs’ signature event, the Sol Go Even Further June Safari, Alleyne claimed a record-equalling sixth win and O’Neal his first –– Gill and Croney among the route-setters –– so only four points separated them before the Carter’s Pit-stop September Safari.

When Alleyne and O’Neal finished two places –– crucially four points –– ahead of Gill and Croney, they drew level, so it now is a straight head-to-head dash to the line.

Event wins are shared in the Chefette MudDogs Novice Championship: Damien and Brandon Johnson (Suzuki Samurai) won in April and September, while Julian Kirton and Dominic Straker (Jeep Wrangler) prevailed in March and June. Totalling all four results, the Johnsons are four points ahead, although that is cut to two, once the dropped-score rule is applied.

Route-setter for the Nasso November Safari is Gary Mendes, who will lead crews north from St George to St Lucy, then southward to St Philip. The first crew is scheduled to leave Chefette Charles Rowe Bridge, St George at 8 a.m., with the lunch-time stopover at Animal Flower Cave, St Lucy, at around 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. The afternoon route will head for the MudDogs spiritual home at Three Houses, St Philip, with the finish at approximately 5 p.m. Three driver challenges are planned, just before and just after the lunch break, then immediately before the finish.

Entries for the Nassco November Safari are now open at Motorsport Services in Haggatt Hall and will close next Tuesday at midday. The briefing meeting will be at 7 p.m. the same evening, at the Barbados Clay Target Shooting Association Club House at Searles, Christ Church, after which the entry list will be published.

Chefette MudDogs Safari Championship

Positions after round 4


1st equal Leslie Alleyne (Isuzu D-Max) & Derek Gill (Insurance Solutions/Sweet Temptations Mitsubishi Pajero), 232 points

3rd George Mendes (Mitsubishi L200 Sportero), 212pts

4th Gregory Dickenson (Toyota Hilux), 202pts

5th Wayne Manning (Suzuki Samurai), 196pts

6th Damien Johnson (Suzuki Samurai), 194pts

7th Chris Armstrong (Toyota Hilux), 190pts

8th Audley Croney (Suzuki Vitara), 186pts

9th Julian Kirton (Jeep Wrangler), 170pts

10th Nicholas Lorde (Land Rover Discovery), 143pts


1st equal Andrew Croney (Mitsubishi Pajero) & Chris O’Neal ( Isuzu D-Max), 232pts

3rd Gary Mendes (Mitsubishi L200 Sportero), 212pts

4th Willie Hinds (Suzuki Samurai), 196pts

5th Brandon Johnson (Suzuki Samurai), 194pts

6th Wayne Clarke (Toyota Hilux), 190pts

7th Dominic Straker (Jeep Wrangler), 166pts

8th Andre Murrell (Toyota Hilux), 150pts

9th Jeremy Croney (Suzuki Vitara), 148pts

10th Brett Barber (Land Rover Discovery), 143pts

Chefette MudDogs Safari Novice Championship

Positions after round 4

Drivers & Navigators

1st Damien Johnson/Brandon Johnson (Suzuki Samurai), 234pts

2nd Julian Kirton/Dominic Straker (eep Wrangler), 230pts

3rd Richard Hinkson/Dean Springer (Suzuki Samurai), 168pts

4th Simon Parravicino/Jonathan Millar (Suzuki Samurai), 164pts

5th Nicholas Pinto/Adam Hunte (Jeep Grand Cherokee), 110pts

]]> 0 AG supports PSC decision Thu, 30 Oct 2014 11:05:37 +0000 Recent promotions in the Royal Barbados Police Force are getting the backing of the Attorney General and Minister of Home Affairs.

“The Police Service Commission has within their power to make appointments; they have exercised that power . . . . That’s part of their function. I don’t make appointments; they do and they have done it. So it meets with my support,” Adriel Brathwaite told Barbados TODAY on the sidelines of the monthly business luncheon of the Barbados Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI).

Acting Commissioner of Police Tyrone Griffith had made the recommendation to the PSC for the temporary appointments to be made on the grounds that he was challenged in running the force without adequate supervisory staff.

However, the decision announced earlier this month has been a source of new controversy given that the High Court had earlier put a freeze on any further appointments within the RBPF.

That decision is pending the outcome of a legal challenge brought by 15 senior officers, in protest of their exclusion from a list of promotions two years ago.

That case resumes on December 5.

]]> 0