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An A to Z on salads

Is there more to a salad than leafy greens? Since we’ve touch on the wonderful world of herbs and spices and are now aware of the magic that they can perform in the preparation of food, it is time to practice the application of these herbs and spices and therefore flavours. I have always found […]

Our unique food flavours

A couple articles back, we tried to get into the actual art of cooking, to look at the finer points you should be aware of to assist you in preparing those wonderful meals, but the culinary landscape in Barbados has become so dynamic that every week something comes up that requires mention.  We finally have […]

The power of food

The importance that food and culinary culture play in our everyday lives can easily go unnoticed. Food is the celebrated or sometimes uncelebrated centre of every event. For every occasion, there is food of some sort. When a child is born, there is a christening and there is food. When it’s your birthday, there is […]

Sharpening skills through competitions

Before we move on to our next topic, I have to clarify some questions that were raised by our readers about culinary competition and its power. Let me start by saying that most, if not all, of the locally-known names in the culinary industry, even up to today, had their genesis in competition. One only […]

What makes a great chef

What makes a great chef

Earlier this week, I visited the Barbados Culinary Team as it was hard at practice for this year’s Taste of the Caribbean competition, which will be held in Miami from June 2-6. Seeing the young cooks hard at work and going through their paces, brought back memories of my junior days in the industry: the […]

Chocolate heaven

Chocolate heaven

It was nothing but heaven for chocolate lovers who attended the third annual Barbados Chocolate and Culinary Festival last Saturday at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre. Barbadians of all ages came out in their numbers to the event which promised to be a sweet and savoury journey. From chocolate fudge and cupcakes to macaroons and natural juices, […]

Choosing pots, pans and knives

So far in our grouping system for small kitchen equipment, we’ve covered three areas: measuring equipment which includes cups primarily used to measure liquid, but which can also be used fairly accurately to measure some solid and powdered ingredients; also, measuring spoons which are predominantly used for smaller quantities of measurement and can be safely […]

More cooking equipment tips

Last week, our focus was on large equipment. We spoke about ovens and refrigerators because they are the staples in the home kitchen. However, we must bear in mind that the world of large equipment is much bigger than we may imagine, especially when we are dealing with industrial or commercial kitchens. For example, tilting […]

The power of cooking equipment

Throughout our previous articles, we have looked at what cooking is – that is, the application of heat to food, which causes an irreversible change. It was also explained why we need to cook  – first and foremost to kill harmful bacteria, secondly to make food more palatable and thirdly to manipulate the flavours and […]

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