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Choosing pots, pans and knives

So far in our grouping system for small kitchen equipment, we’ve covered three areas: measuring equipment which includes cups primarily used to measure liquid, but which can also be used fairly accurately to measure some solid and powdered ingredients; also, measuring spoons which are predominantly used for smaller quantities of measurement and can be safely […]

More cooking equipment tips

Last week, our focus was on large equipment. We spoke about ovens and refrigerators because they are the staples in the home kitchen. However, we must bear in mind that the world of large equipment is much bigger than we may imagine, especially when we are dealing with industrial or commercial kitchens. For example, tilting […]

The power of cooking equipment

Throughout our previous articles, we have looked at what cooking is – that is, the application of heat to food, which causes an irreversible change. It was also explained why we need to cook  – first and foremost to kill harmful bacteria, secondly to make food more palatable and thirdly to manipulate the flavours and […]

Charity moves to help feed the needy

Charity moves to help feed the needy

Charity Chicks Barbados (CCB) has launched a fundraising initiative to provide healthy and nutritious meals for those in need across the island. Food4Change Restaurant Month will run for the entire month of March at participating restaurants. At fine dining restaurants, a voluntary $2 will be added to a table’s bill; and at fast food, casual restaurants, […]

The wonderful world of flavouring & seasoning

Now that we understand how to apply heat, we go to the next important aspect of cooking, which is seasoning and flavouring. Taste is one of the most important senses for a chef, and if you read the previous articles you will remember that I said the chef has to be in control of all […]

The power of food

It has become common place to talk about food, but have we thought about food? These days food is everywhere and at every event; no matter how large or important the event, food can be a deal breaker. Have you ever been to a workshop or seminar where the sessions are so intense that you […]

Celebrating food at AGROFEST

This week, we continue our discussion on AGROFEST by looking at the impact of this event on our society. We’ve touched on the farmers and vendors and the important role that they play as AGROFEST provides an important outlet not only for the sale, but also the marketing of their products and produce. They will […]

AGROFEST and our youth

In our last article looking at the impact of AGROFEST on our community, the spotlight was on farming and agriculture and what indeed can be produced if a bit more attention is paid to these sectors. This week our focus is on the influence this most amazing festival has on our youth. A visit to […]

Celebrating farming and agriculture

The year seems to have only just started and already we have come to the end of the first month. We’ve barely had enough time to recover from our last big season and already we have to switch gears to focus on our next grand event, AGROFEST. At this point, I really have to control […]

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