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Mia’s letter to Stuart

  July 23, 2014   The Rt Hon. Freundel J. Stuart, QC, MP Prime Minister Prime Minister’s Office Government Headquarters Bay Street St Michael Dear Prime Minister, I am writing to convey to you a formal request for the urgent rethink of the Municipal Solid Waste Tax, passed in Parliament and assented by His Excellency [...]

Taxes gone to waste?

  Government has issues collecting taxes, despite their drastic increases –– the latest being the Municipal Solid Waste Tax. But what is Government doing with the money it is indeed collecting? Is it spending it prudently or is money still being wasted, with no one being prosecuted for doing so? This is what I want [...]

Tax is rubbish!

  The solid waste tax is a load of garbage. First of all it has nothing to do with household waste. It’s simply an increase in land tax. I can afford to pay it, but how many people, especially pensioners, who have been struggling to own a piece of the ‘rock” with their hard-earned savings,  [...]

One plus one not three!

  You know, I just cannot help but marvel how broad the back of the Barbados middle class must be! In the last six years, regardless of what tax subsidy was removed, tax allowances and deductions removed, tax increased (two- to ten-fold in some instances), new tax introduced, or national benefit decreased, we all just [...]


  Coulda; woulda; shoulda. Seemed like a good idea at the time. The “output” does not equate to the inputs, but CARICOM surely shines when it comes to providing jobs (and matching room for expanding egos) for politicians; speech writers; professors of all and sundry; conference organizers; limousine rental companies; bugle blowers and guard-of-honour folks; [...]

This matter of murder and bail

  Murder is considered a serious and highly sensitive offence, and often society is shocked and outraged by the act and the circumstances surrounding it. Moreover, the families of the victims hurt and concerns rely on the criminal justice system to administer justice in a timely, efficient and effective manner. In the final analysis, the [...]

Govt stuck in gear

  If you have to choose between being kind and being right, choose being kind and you will always be right.  –– Dr Wayne Dyer, et al   We have been right so often in identifying the “mess of economic pottage”, which this current Government of Barbados has served up, we need now to be [...]

Private fun at public cost

  No factual information that could reflect negatively on homosexuals is likely to find its way through either media or academic filters, but anything that shows gays as victims can get massive coverage.  –– Thomas Sowell (Intellectuals And Society)   The Surgeon General issues warnings on matters of public health in the United States. The [...]

Having daddy around

  Once again, we are in the process of celebrating Father’s Day around the world, and the significance of the father should be highlighted in every manner. Fathers or male figures in a household could have positive effects in the rearing of their children. However, the absence of the father from the household can be [...]

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