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Sharpening skills through competitions

Before we move on to our next topic, I have to clarify some questions that were raised by our readers about culinary competition and its power. Let me start by saying that most, if not all, of the locally-known names in the culinary industry, even up to today, had their genesis in competition. One only […]

Broken trust

The Central Bank I knew would NEVER dream of misleading ordinary citizens. There was a time in this country when every Barbadian felt a personal bond with the Central Bank of Barbados.  This bond manifested itself through the interaction of the Bank’s Governor with the public and the words of advice often dispensed. When the […]

Delia’s experience with autism

Delia’s experience with autism

As Barbados joins in the observance of Autism Awareness month, one parent has been sharing her experience in dealing with not one, but two children with autism.Dr Delia Samuel, Professor at Century College in Minnesota, USA, has two sons, aged 11 and eight, who are on the autism spectrum. The US Centre for Disease Control […]

The invaluable contribution of teachers

At a time when the issue of productivity forms part of the national debate in Barbados, it is to the credit of the Barbados Union of Teachers that its 43rd Annual General Conference will address the theme of ‘Valuing Teachers: Improving their status’. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that teachers play a […]

Beyond considerations of gender

Modern history is showered with women as political leaders and Heads of Government. When women first emerged in these roles, it was regarded as ‘breaking a glass ceiling’ – a breakthrough for the female gender in occupying high positions once regarded as the preserve of men. There was truth in that sentiment at the beginning […]

DLP shake-up and Ninja Man

Elections are fast approaching and the ruling Democratic Labour Party is cleaning house. The DLP hierarchy last week dropped City candidate Patrick Todd for Henderson Williams, St Michael East’s Kenny Best for Nicholas Alleyne and Patrick Tannis in St Michael South East for Rodney Grant. A leading political scientist described the replacement of these three […]

Remembering Sabina’s ‘devilish’ pitch

Remembering  Sabina’s ‘devilish’ pitch

As the three-match Test series between West Indies and Pakistan opened Friday at Sabina Park in Jamaica, there was a lot of hype surrounding the feat of the 50th Test to be played there. Co-incidentally, it is also the 50th Test between West Indies and Pakistan. Many outstanding achievements at the ground have been highlighted in […]

A violence control plan

There has been, for the past few years, justifiable concern at the senseless violence plaguing our society. Alas, too much of the discussion on this issue has focused on the problem, and few persons have bothered to propose workable solutions. I wish, in this article, to offer my three cents worth of suggestions on what […]

Consumers still at a disadvantage

Consumers still at a disadvantage

Barbados Today reports that for 2016, there were 766 complaints to the Fair Trading Commission in respect of breaches of the Consumer Guarantees Act (of which five have been resolved) and 2555 queries as it relates to matters outlined in the Consumer Protection Act. The majority of the complaints were against the utility companies. Interestingly, […]

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