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August 2, 2015 - Police need help identifying man The Royal Barbados Police Force is ... +++ August 2, 2015 - Driver seriously hurt in accident A man is reported to be in serious ... +++ August 2, 2015 - Investigation launched into King’s death A criminal investigation is being c ... +++ August 2, 2015 - Arsenal win Community Shield FA Cup holders Arsenal won the Comm ... +++ August 2, 2015 - Sada claims second medal It was so nice, Sada Williams had t ... +++ August 2, 2015 - Sada claims silver at Pan Am Juniors It definitely didn’t take lon ... +++ August 2, 2015 - Classic claims calypso crown Classic is the newest calypso king ... +++ August 1, 2015 - King and Queen of the crop Grantley Hurley and Judy Cumberbatc ... +++ August 1, 2015 - Winston Catline is newest centenarian Barbados welcomed its 103rd centena ... +++ webdesign
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Guyana and Venezuela –– peace under law

A search of the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon’s statements posted on his official website shows no mention of anything he said after a meeting last week with Venezuela’s President Nicolás Maduro about the Guyana-Venezuela controversy. But, according to President Maduro, the Secretary General suggested a possible meeting with Guyana’s President David Granger in […]

Changing face of Crop Over

Somehow I’m losing interest in Crop Over. The 2015 edition is almost over and I haven’t felt the urge, at least thus far, to attend a single event –– not even the free ones like Pan Pun De Sand. A far cry from previous years! Maybe I’ll finally catch the fever this weekend when the […]

Moneys, BRA and statues

My attention rested on multiple issues this week. Much continues to happen in our country. I, like many other parents and guardians, was subjected to the long waits and disorder that make the petty fee payment and book collection process.    When I made the mistake of complaining, the senior accounts clerk at one school […]

COLUMN – How to preserve a nation

We human beings have attained our highest levels of material and cultural development under the form of collective organization known as the “nation” or “the nation state”. Check the history of almost any people, including the people of Barbados, and you will see that this is a true statement. In the case of Barbados, the […]

Phobia at your fingertips

The problem with the term “homophobia” is that we have in it an epithet in search of a condition. Beyond its ideological uses, it has no existence. It will be found nowhere in the clinical lexicon.  ––  The Uses Of Homophobia, First Things Editorial. Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes once commented that a good […]

We people would like to know

This week’s column introduces the complement to my Voice Of Reason –– the people want to know. This is where I grapple with some of the questions running around in my head about happenings around Barbados and the world. Dear @BajanSocial Media: Have a seat –– several actually. Here is the National Stadium. (When is […]

. . . Pay the SSA workers!

One of the cruellest ironies of Caribbean history recognized by scholars over the years is that this region has enjoyed full employment only during the years of slavery. Those days have happily passed and we continue to wrestle with the provision of jobs for those who want them. –– Prime Minister Freundel Stuart. You may […]

Accra for beachwear, lounger and rum punch

Accra for beachwear, lounger and rum punch

Oh, the glory days of teenaged summer holidays –– when the beach was the place to be with your “ride or die” crew of friends, and you worked on your tan in ways dermatologists would frown on! All the cool kids hung out there. And parents were far less worried than they would be today about […]

Of sport and 100% calypso

I begin this week’s article by saying a thank you on behalf of the mothers who have children registered with the Sports Council Summer Camp for keeping our children in Barbados safe and engaged over six weeks. The Sports Council Camp celebrates 30 years of service this year and, as with most of the positively […]

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