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Patrice Lumumba: a tragic hero

About 55 years ago, yet another great crime was committed on the African continent by imperialist forces. Like many such heinous acts, there was complicity by Africans. In this case it robbed Africa of one of its brightest prospects, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo of so many possibilities for a better and more […]

Hair’s to pioneer Madam C.J. Walker

I want the great masses of my people to take a greater pride in their personal appearance and to give their hair proper attention. –– Madam C.J. Walker What can one say about hair? Men, and especially women, spend millions of dollars every year on their hair. Whether on hair extensions or products, the attention […]

Arts and culture to the rescue!

There is only one way forward for Barbados! Simply put, our country has –– by its own efforts –– to develop itself out of the condition of stasis and crisis that it has found itself in over the past decade. And it must do so by pursuing critical reforms in its education system and also […]

Feb 16, Republic Day, yes?

. . . If people do not agree today, that in a democratic Assembly there should be no qualifications for membership and that there should be no property qualifications for the right to vote, they will never agree and it is no use arguing with them. I do not propose to argue today what is […]

The lighter side of life

Yuh have to love Bajan native intelligence. Example: while I love listening to de moderators pun Brass Tacks, it does get li’l tiresome to hear de same eight “experts” daily holding forth pun every topic under de sun –– solutions to every problem dat got Government confused; but, every now and then, a little gem […]

White, black, or Bajan?

The recent media firestorm in a teacup provoked by the exchange between Bizzy Williams and Trevor Marshall, over the video shown at the launch of the 50th anniversary celebrations of our Independence, shows that race and colour are always bubbling beneath the surface in Barbados, and you only need an incident to make it erupt. […]

Strategies so counterproductive!

At a time when economies of both the industrialized countries of the world and small island developing states are reeling from the prevailing economic pressures, it would seem the policymakers are required to desperately find solutions to address the social and economic decline that now characterized our societies. As elected political officials, politicians for some […]

Understanding the “Mankad” dismissal

Understanding the “Mankad” dismissal

While the moaning and groaning surrounding the controversial two-run win by West Indies over Zimbabwe at Chittagong in Bangladesh on Tuesday to snatch a place in the quarter-finals of the ICC Under-19 World Cup continues, getting hold of the Playing Conditions was vital for any meaningful discussion. A lot of emphasis has been placed on […]

A Robin of all trades

A Robin of all trades

Usually when I am headed to Kensington it is August and I am either late for a game, drinks, or both, during the Barbados Hockey Festival. Yesterday, however, as I pulled up to meet with Robin Parris it was to speak about his yeoman service to his national colours under three sporting disciplines.  Robin, who […]

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