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Turning de corner

De Vendor, like most Caribbean people, fairly familiar wid corners. We don’t do straight lines; we believe in corners. We don’t like being cornered, ’cause, like a pit bull, we gine fight back if cornered. In de USA, yuh could be bored stiff driving around, especially in newer places like Las Vegas and Miami, and […]

The Independent in the House of Assembly

There is another interesting occurrence that came out of the recent no-confidence motion, which I believe warrants a “tack-back”. I have noticed the trend with former Prime Minister Owen Arthur’s deliveries in the House; and now the submission of Christ Church West Member of Parliament Maria Agard has solidified in my mind that Barbadian politics […]

Free secondary education –– to whose credit?

In an address in the Democratic Labour Party’s lunchtime lecture series, noted historian Trevor Marshall sought to give full credit to the Democratic Labour Party for introducing free secondary education into the education system in Barbados. I had thought the late educator Dr Leonard Shorey had put an end to this discussion by stating categorically […]

In unity with our differences

I attended two memorable events over the last long weekend that is worth writing about. The first event was on Saturday, May 14, at the Cave Hill Campus of the University of the West Indies. It was TEDxBridgetown Talks. I first became acquainted with this event a few weeks ago, when my eldest daughter told […]

In that crucial net of values

. . . In my opinion, the first and most important goal [of education] should be that no child leaves primary school in 2013 unable to read, write and comprehend at the age appropriate level. We have five years to achieve this first goal. –– Letter to the Editor of February, 2008. . . . […]

Subliminal warfare against Venezuela

Approximately one month ago, I made an intense ten-day visit to the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela as a guest of the Venezuelan Chapter of the International Network of Intellectuals and Artists in Defence of Humanity, and I can tell you the Venezuela which I saw with my very own eyes is not the chaotic “hellhole” […]

Tiptoeing away from democracy?

Two distinguished professors in the United States –– Archon Fung and Erik Olin Wright –– once wrote that the central ideals of democratic politics embrace “facilitating active political involvement of the citizenry, forging political consensus through dialogue, devising and implementing public policies that ground a productive economy and healthy society, and, in more radical egalitarian […]

Accepting the good leader

Kofi Annan recently stated there wasn’t a crisis of knowledge in the world, but a crisis of leadership. I tend to agree with this statement. There are readily available solutions for Barbados’ debt problem, the Caribbean’s lack of growth, and the social issues we are quick to point out in America but slow to recognize […]

At a loss for words indeed!

My column will be quite short today because I’m truly at a loss for words! I don’t even know where to start. So I suppose I’ll begin with the absolute garbage which was released in Parliament last week. Does Minister of the Environment Denis Lowe seriously expect us to believe the Government decided not to […]

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