Blatant disrespect!

Schoolgirl accused of failing to comply with police orders

A 16-year-old schoolgirl, who allegedly disrespected and failed to comply with the orders given by a policeman, was released on $2,000 bail in a Bridgetown Court today.

Attiyonah Reanna Cadogan, of 2nd Avenue, Pickwick Gap, St Michael, admitted before Magistrate Douglas Frederick to failing to comply with the directive to move and keep moving when an officer of the Royal Barbados Police Force ordered her to do so.

However she denied telling the same officer, “you could only be a f****** idiot” as he tried to execute his duties on March 12.

Sergeant Rudy Pilgrim said the police constable was on duty along Tudor Street, The City, when he noticed a number of students congregating in the area near the Main Guard. He approached and asked about their reasons for being there and ordered them to move.

However, Cadogan not only refused but also declined to give her name and address.

“I did not move yeah [because] I was waiting for my cousin. I wait there every day and because he see a group of students, he targeting me,” Cadagon said in reference to the officer.

“I said nobody can’t question me, [but] I was cussing on my phone,” Cadogan added as she gave reasons for her behaviour to the magistrate.

However, Frederick was not amused as he spoke to the Cadogan about her body language while in the dock.

“Things have changed in Barbados. Before when you saw a policeman, you moved and respected him, [but] now it’s blatant disrespect. The way you speak as well one can see that you have a type of attitude,” Frederick stated.

He then ordered a pre sentencing report into the teenager’s life while explaining that he could not impose a sentence at this time as she had entered a not guilty plea to the abusive language charge.

The matter was adjourned until May 11.

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  1. Carson C. Cadogan March 14, 2018 at 8:31 am

    If found guilty, This is a wonderful candidate for imposing the $10,000. fine for cursing the police.


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