Police probe car fire


Police are investigating a fire, which destroyed a car driven by 35-year-old Daniel Nurse of Wildey, St Michael.

Around 2 p.m., Nurse was driving along the JPC Ramsey Roundabout, Haggatt Hall, St Michael travelling in the direction of Two Mile Hill when he noticed smoke coming from the car’s hood.

When he subsequently exited the vehicle, he observed it was on fire.

The car was owned by Corey Lewis of Flagstaff, St Michael.

One fire tender and five fire officers responded to the incident.


One Response to Police probe car fire

  1. Anthony February 12, 2018 at 7:55 pm

    Why aren’t the Police not investigating the following and updating the Public?

    1) Recent video in January on Social Media showing a Barbados Police in plain clothes planting evidence on someone’s property?

    2)The Supreme Court case last week with the gun case being dismissed involving Jimmy Thorne and other Barbados police in what appears to be planted evidence and a setup to lock up the defendant?

    3)The millions $ stolen in drug money from within the Police Force last year in Barbados?


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