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Major stink

Businessman says raw sewage still impacting south coast

Raw sewage continues to flow on the roads of the south coast, and with just 14 days to go before the start of the 2016 winter tourist season, one businessman is appealing to the authorities to fix the problem once and for all.

In an interview with Barbados TODAY, the businessman, who requested anonymity, said the problem appeared to have gone away after the Barbados Water Authority intervened recently.

However, he said raw sewage began flowing onto the road again “with a vengeance” about two weeks later.

Businesses on the south coast are crying out for relief from the problems posed by raw sewage.

Businesses on the south coast are crying out for relief from the problems posed by raw sewage.

“It went away for about two weeks, now it’s back with a vengeance. The manhole that was meant to be fixed, after two weeks [it] has started to back up again. So now we have sewage leaking into the streets.

“You can’t walk from the new Esso service station in Worthing to Big B. If you walk up there and someone splashes you, go and get Dettol [or] Savlon [antiseptics] and bathe in it, because you were just splattered in [feaces],” he said.

He said the long-running problem is now impacting businesses further along the south coast, with a popular restaurant the latest to feel the impact.

The businessman said he had reached out to outgoing Chief Executive Officer of the Barbados Hotel and Tourism Sue Springer, asking her to try to have the problem addressed as a matter of urgency.

“Tourism is meant to be our business but we really aren’t treating it that way, especially not now on the south coast.  I have spoken to Sue Springer and she is calling the PS [Permanent Secretary] in tourism and someone in the Ministry of Health to try and figure out what is going on,” he added.

The businessman contended that the awful stench and sight of feaces was posing a threat to the businesses in the area, which is popular with tourist.

“The apartments that I am associated with is fully booked until April next year. It is located right below by the way of the flow of the current, where all of this crap going on. So whenever my tourist come out on the beach, they’re looking out and seeing water that is murky water, which is sewage coming out. That is not what they are paying hundreds of US dollars a night to come and enjoy,” he said.

“A friend of mine has a fishing boat and said that he was about a mile off [a south coast] hotel and out there smells like sewage. So it means we are pumping the sewage into the open ocean, which isn’t meant to be happening. All we are doing now is dumping. We are creating a serious environmental problem,” he stressed.

Efforts to reach the BWA tonight for comment were unsuccessful.

However, the water agency had stated in a release on November 15 that after repairs to an effluent pump were carried out the previous Tuesday, another pump had failed three days later, on Friday November 11, but was repaired by the following night.

“However, even though all the effluent pumps have been running continuously since Saturday [November 12], the sewage flows in the collection system continue to be high resulting in sewage overflows in the areas between St Lawrence Gap and Hastings, Christ Church.

“In addition, the water levels in Graeme Hall Swamp continue to be elevated due to the recent rainfall, resulting in some overflows in neighbouring districts and some infiltration into the sewer collection system,” the BWA said at the time.

It said then it had been undertaking a number of measures to reduce the overflow of sewage from the manholes.

10 Responses to Major stink

  1. Alex Alleyne December 2, 2016 at 3:33 am

    BWA collecting monies for no water coming through peoples’ taps ans now can’t fix a sewer line. They will tell us “no money in the kitty”.

  2. Loretta Griffith December 2, 2016 at 3:47 am

    The ministry personnel and minister responsible for this, should be hanging their heads in shame. It’s a national disgrace. Does not speak well of management.
    Too many mishaps. I hope there is no sabotage! If there is sabotage, who are we hurting? ALL OF US. Remember when the damage has been done no amount of window dressing can repair it.
    In my opinion, Bds$7million well spent. Thoroughly enjoyed the celebrations.

  3. Marsha Layne
    Marsha Layne December 2, 2016 at 5:07 am

    Wait….the water is brown….the sea is brown….there is brown in the sea water….

    Ok, I know it sounds like Jack and Jill practice…..

    But but….

    The sea is brown…….OMG!!!

    Guess this was not Prince Harry’s designated beach…

  4. jrsmith December 2, 2016 at 6:33 am

    My take ,were we ready for the 51st year of (Independency ) (Dependency) what a way to go, no water or brown water from the taps if any ,sewage onto our streets but this is barbados we are expecting too much from people who just have no idea of managing (Barbados LTD)..
    @, Loretta , G hail, hail on the button , dont forget 15 years ago a sewage plant was built and still today it hasn’t work properly and one of the government ministers in this present bunch claims he is an engineer…

  5. Tony Webster December 2, 2016 at 6:53 am

    A “low” person, totally irrelevant, who is responsible for the functioning of solid-waste and our our sewage-treatment plants, must be chomping at the bit: if only he might somehow come by a clone of the nice lady at B.W.A., who offers all the excuses in heaven for their short-comings, and takes the brunt of the wrath of suffering citizens!!! If only the Enviroment Gorilliphant cud get hold of another Joy-Ann Haig…to protect him.

    Well, Sir, in the absence of such a P.R. lady, Sir, is for YOU to get on the media…with the same alacrity and gusto as you do in Parliament…and face the music youself!!

    Time…Sir…and twine…we wait, Sir…OH! How we wait.

  6. Kim Marshall December 2, 2016 at 8:02 am

    This picture says it all. Do you know how sick Barbadians……and people who have paid to come to the island, could become if they bathe in this water?! Bathe in human waste (sh**)?! I wanted to say this as the words raw sewage seem to not be scaring anyone in charge.

    It’s time to resolve this issue and that means spending money and implementing a plan. Stop saying we do not have money because there has been presented evidence under both the DLP and BLP governments that we do. The Auditor General report for the Grotto being the latest example, that show that we seem to have money to give away.

    Why can’t we find money and people to work together to protect the health of Barbadians? This situation has been caused by all the rain that is consistently finding its way into the sewage system. How are we stopping this from happening? This sewage and the diseases it is carrying will not stay on the south coast. Could someone directly involved tell the citizens of Barbados what is the plan forward? Why is it so hard to talk to us?

  7. Maya Trotz December 2, 2016 at 10:20 am

    Unfortunately also is that many people still swim in the water soon after a storm and there are no notices anywhere saying whether it is safe or not to swim given that stormwater brings all sorts of contaminants from the land, including sewage.

    I wonder how many are getting ill from the sewage in the road and how many will report it – not just the south coast, but throughout the island as I imagine in some areas that were severely flooded, the suck wells and septics overflowed.

    The hotels or more so tourists can start asking for certain certifications which would put pressure on the hotel and therefore the waste management systems to perform properly.

    The mile out from shore that the fisherman is smelling – I wonder if that is from the outfall pipe that is out there and potentially not treating the waste properly, or it’s from the coast.

  8. Rosemary Parkinson December 2, 2016 at 3:00 pm

    To the point. A similar situation in Tobago with sewage spilling into Crown Point where visitors and locals bathe. Apart from the cases that were hidden, I was privy to a visiting child covered in red rash and boils of puss all over her body, and when I say all over I mean all over. Every single orifice. Visits to the local hospital had her on antibiotics. Two weeks later it was worse – she could not eat and had to be fed liquids through a straw. Finally an independent doctor who asking for annonimity saw her, and got her to the point of being able to travel with a myriad of pharms (steroids included). Finally able to fly back to London, was taken to The Centre for Tropical Diseases by her family with the report from the last doctor who they said saved her life. The problem was not disease, it was infection from raw sewage/faeces. I would suggest that what is going on on the south coast is more than dangerous. If one person contracts what I have just described, our tourism industry will be harmed in one fell-swoop. All it takes is one. Why are not understand this? Why are those health people put there to protect us not doing so immediately? No matter the cost. If the government cannot do it, then BHTA get your hoteliers together on this one. This is dangerous to humans. One man I know in Barbados has already caught an eye infection because a splash hit his face. Must we wait for a real horror story of epic proportions. The sea does not get rid of sewage just so, it is not a cleaning plant. Faeces will float wherever the current goes, and it shows no colour once mixed in with the ocean. Dear Lord! Save us from ignorance.

  9. Rosemary Parkinson December 2, 2016 at 3:14 pm

    Of course the above only applies if indeed raw sewage is being spewed into the sea as has been implied. Some say it is a lie, that it is being said it is sewage because of politricks. So…in order to be safe rather than sorry how about the government, BHTA + a few concerned businesses get together and pay to send a team to test the waters and come up with the truth. The truth I say. This could help to allay fears or to stop people from swimming in affected waters until the system is fixed. Does not take a rocket scientist.

    • John Everatt December 2, 2016 at 9:53 pm

      I don’t think it takes a rocket scientist to tell raw sewage (shi** and toilet paper) from something like rain runoff. You seem to be calling for a study to determine the exact composition of this substance when the BWA has already agreed that it is sewage and it is there because their sewage pumps are broken.


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