The world’s eighth wonder

You could call it the eighth wonder of the world. Located in Welchman Hall, St Thomas, the unique Harrison’s Cave attracts locals and visitors from near and far.

Newly appointed chief executive officer Andrea Franklin said the redesigned cave is a must see for all.

“Harrison’s Cave is . . . the most unique attraction in Barbados due to the natural formations. It’s the gem of our tourism product and every Barbadian should use the opportunity to see the cave. Many persons would have come to the cave before the refurbishment, so many are not familiar with the facility as it is now,” she said. 

The cave was closed for refurbishment in 2006 and reopened in 2007 for Cricket World Cup. It closed again and reopened in 2009, operating five days weekly, before increasing to daily openings in 2010.

Franklin, who has been with the company for just a month, said they were trying to get locals to appreciate the gem in their backyards and to experience what so many visitors come to the island to see. 

“We are trying to encourage Barbadians to come and see the new look,” she said. “Obviously it’s a unique attraction for the tourist. 

We have our signature tram tour, but we also like to promote our eco-adventure tour, which is for the adventure-seeking person, where you actually crawl through the cave and explore the cave as the original explorers would have done. So you actually get down and dirty during this tour.”

“That’s a unique activity. Right now we push it to the tourists, but we would like to see locals coming to do that tour,” Franklin added. 

The CEO added that the facility could also host events, including weddings. 

Harrison’s Cave celebrated 35 years of existence this year, and Beverley Giles-Broomes, who has worked with the company from its inception, said it was a joy to watch it grow from strength to strength. 

“I have been working here from 1981, just in time for the opening. Working here has been one of mixed emotions, mixed blessings but I cannot really complain. . . . I think Harrison’s Cave has come a long way and we have progressed well over the years. I am blessed to see a lot of transformation from the small area to how we have developed now,” she said.

3 Responses to The world’s eighth wonder

  1. Alvin Morris December 1, 2016 at 4:07 pm

    Offer a special price for locals.

  2. Tony Webster December 1, 2016 at 5:14 pm

    Best wishes to the new Executive Officer. However, it is reasonable, if not obvious, that this is an excellent example of an asset which government so desperately needs to divest (yes, lease, not sell, under clear and stringent terms), and it would return a massive increase both government revenue, as well as in F/X earnings, instead of being a …well…. a hole in the ground into which we placed some $35m…. And instead of seeing profits…saw money disappearing…well….like water into a hole in the ground.

    The Audited Fnancial Statements….for the last 6/8 years…are these ready yet?

  3. Mrsnewtoncrescent Pinelands
    Mrsnewtoncrescent Pinelands December 1, 2016 at 6:21 pm

    But this article didn’t mention who we are 8th to in the world let’s hear where is #1 n so on


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