One step forward, two steps…

ST JOHN’S, Antigua – Legendary West Indies captain Sir Vivian Richards, says the recent sending home of Darren Bravo from the Tri-Nations Series is another indicator of the lack of progress in West Indies cricket.

Speaking to the Observer newspaper in his homeland, the former master batsman said whenever there were positive strides made, there were always being undermined by controversy and this was a culture which needed to change.

“I think it’s about time that we just leave these things alone at this stage. I guess there are a lot of issues going on there,” Sir Viv said.

“All that I can say on the whole matter is that rather than moving on, we just keep moving back every time. Every time there is some grounds gained, we move yards back after that.”

Bravo was sent home ahead of the tournament in Zimbabwe after the West Indies Cricket Board cancelled his match/tour contract over a controversial tweet.

Responding to WICB president Dave Cameron’s criticism of his form which led to him earning only a Grade C retainer contract, Bravo tweeted: “You have been failing 4 d last 4yrs. Y don’t u resign and FYI I’ve neva been given an A contract. Big idiot @davec51.”

The board subsequently informed Bravo that he had contravened the terms of his match/tour contract and that he would be withdrawn from the tour.

He was also given a deadline to remove the offending tweet but failed to do so.

Sir Viv, who never lost a series as captain, said it was possible Bravo’s incident could be stemming from his older brother Dwayne’s wrangles with the board.

“I just believe that maybe, young Darren Bravo himself could be in that persecuting sort of a lane because of maybe, other stuff that was done with his brother (Dwayne) so it’s a long story,” he surmised.

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  1. Andy December 2, 2016 at 7:43 am

    When an employee behaves in an irrational manner, it is important to find out the reason for his behavior first, then deal with the issue(s). Quite often it results in a dearth of management’s inability to recognize and correct issues that are effecting the employee. Most employees like to perform well and be so recognized and when they react in an irrational manner it usually comes out that management has refused to identify understand, or properly address issues. Management is usually the problem. WICB management has to ask the right questions and look at their performances, not only the players. Have someone take the foreign object from their eyes.

  2. Rupert Greaves December 4, 2016 at 8:07 pm

    It would be nice if the other half of the story was printed instead of just focusing on the Board. Life is a two-way street. You’ve said Management is usually the problem. Is this what it is in this case? To be quite honest, Sir Viv like most people has said a lot without saying anything. He said “I just believe that maybe” so he is just guessing like most people.

  3. Rupert Greaves December 4, 2016 at 8:18 pm

    Is Sir Viv okay with Bravo’s behaviour? Was it Sir Viv or someone else who sent one of his men off the field because he had miss-fielded a ball or dropped a catch? The offending player was a Trinidadian.

  4. harry turnover December 4, 2016 at 9:35 pm

    Viv Richards what NONSENSE are you really trying to say ?? Bravo DISRESPECTED his BOSS….those are the FACTS man !!
    Are you saying that ALL players and ALL EMPLOYEES should have a right to call their PRESIDENTS fools,idiots,nincompoops,moogins or whatever and expect life to continue as normal ??????
    Is this the same VIV RICHARDS when he was IN AUTHORITY as CAPTAIN SENT off RICHARD GABRIEL for a miss field or a dropped catch.??
    Is this the same VIV RICHARDS who when in Authority as CAPTAIN had words to say to Carlye Best when the two of them were at the crease.??
    Is this the SAME VIv Richards when after he got recognition as an up and coming master blaster put his hands behind his back,stared back at Michael Findlay the then captain of the Combined Islands and then SLOWLY went to the position that Findlay had sent him ??
    Is this the SAME Viv Richards who when in authority as captain refused to lead his team on to the field after a lunch or tea break only to be found ARGUING with English reporters in the Press Box over some article that was written in the English Press ??


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