Barbados TODAY’s Touch team spreads Independence cheer


Not even the heavy rains that beat down on the island yesterday could dampen the sheer joy and excitement of the pupils of the Roland Edwards Primary School as they received a visit from the Barbados TODAY’s Touch Team.

As part of its celebrations to mark Barbados 50th Anniversary of Independence, the online media company shared several goodies with students and staff at the St Peter institution which proudly bears the name of the man who composed the National Anthem.


Principal Michael Watson reminisced on pre-independent Barbados and expressed his joy at being alive to witness the significant milestone.

One of the major differences between then and now he said was the infrastructure, “when I first started teaching back then, we taught in a hall with six or eight classes at the same time but today teachers now have separate classrooms…the facilities are so much better than they were back then”.

Michael Watson, Principal of Roland Edwards School

Watson, who has been principal of the school for 16 years, said he was pleased with the school’s development and praised the Ministry of Education for its continued support.

For Head Boy Mikai Yearwood, a proud Barbadian, this year’s Independence celebrations were also special.

Mikai Yearwood, Head Boy.

He told Barbados TODAY that he loves his country, particularly the opportunity to receive free education and the island’s beautiful beaches.

His fellow school mates beamed with pride and excitement as they welcomed their guests, especially enjoying   delicious cupcakes beautifully designed in the national colours – ultramarine, gold and black.


The teachers and principal also got to indulge in the sweet treats and were gifted with commemorative 50th anniversary key rings.

Each month Barbados Today reaches out to the community through its Today’s Touch programme and Sales and Marketing Manager David Williams noted “this month we are ecstatic to share in the celebration by spreading even more joy and cheer to our fellow Barbadians but more specifically helping to build that feeling of patriotism in these children, the future of our country”.



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  1. Julia Robinson
    Julia Robinson November 30, 2016 at 4:39 pm

    Great gesture.


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