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Strong spirit of patriotism up north

Another attempt was made today to form a human chain link around Barbados in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Independence – 37 years after the first attempt was made.

While the mood was right, and the atmosphere was filled with pride and patriotism, the verdict is still out on whether it was successful.

Some disorganization was clear, as different instructions were given by various marshals along the way, and many missing links were seen along routes in the north.

Nevertheless, with a sense of eagerness, students from The Alexandra School, Alma Parris Memorial School, Coleridge & Parry School and the Roland Edwards Primary School lined the streets of Speightstown and into Heywoods as they attempted to give the island a big hug.

These students of the Coleridge & Parry School in St Peter were eager to be part of history.

These students of the Coleridge & Parry School in St Peter were eager to be part of history.

Though it took some time to get them together, the students and a few other citizens and visitors who braved the hot sun, sang the National Anthem and recited the pledge before going on their way.

Along the route from Allendale, St Lucy to St Lucy Parish Church, students from All Saints Primary, St Lucy Primary and Ignatius Byer Primary Schools lined the route and sang the National Anthem.

Some elderly citizens who were around for the first human chain link in 1979 told Barbados TODAY it was an honour to be alive to see another one and the island celebrating 50 years of Independence.

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