CONCACAF coach pushing fitness

The response towards the CONCACAF Physical Preparation Course has been encouraging, says instructor Andre Waugh.

Speaking with Barbados TODAY Friday morning at the Wildey, St Michael AstroTurf on day two of the three-day course, Waugh said he was happy with the assistance rendered by the Barbados Football Association along with all 25 participants that included five females.

CONCACAF instructor Andre Waugh. (Picture by Morissa Lindsay)
CONCACAF instructor Andre Waugh. (Picture by Morissa Lindsay)

Also the fitness coach for Jamaica’s senior national team, Waugh explained that the physical component of the game was one advantage regional players had when it came to competing.

“The physical component of the game is one aspect that I think we may have a distinct advantage because of genetic make-up. But we have not been able to tap into that given the informal nature of our developmental programmes. I think with courses like these we can begin the discussion on the way forward, how we can take advantage and build on what we already have and of course use it to our advantage in the CONCACAF region,” he said.

Barbados is the second country in which the course has been conducted with the first being done in Haiti last year.

“It is a revolving story where this particular course is concern. All the time we plan, we execute, we monitor and of course we analyze before going again. So there is always constant need for improvement. We are always seeking ways on how we can improve this course. We strongly focus on the usage of the ball as a tool to aid physical development of players. Hence our focus is on the usage of small-sided games to meet different objectives relating to different components of fitness,” Waugh said.

The Jamaican, who is also a FIFA instructor, told Barbados TODAY he was humbled by his accomplishments and the opportunities he had been given.

“There are tremendous opportunities that come with great responsibilities so we [instructors] also have to demonstrate what is associated with the people that we represent. Also we know that what we do create opportunities for others so it is something we take quite seriously,” Waugh said.

The BFA has conducted a number of coaching education programmes for the year and chairman of the technical committee, Adrian Donovan, said this particular course which is the final one for the year came just in time for the start of the 2017 football season. 

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