Sandiford-Garner concerned that parents have dropped the ball

A Government Senator today expressed concern that Barbadian parents had “dropped the ball” by failing to connect their children with the early struggles to develop Barbados.

Arguing that this had resulted in a “generational disconnect”, Irene Sandiford-Garner said the situation did not bode well for the country’s development.

As she made her contribution to debate on a resolution Congratulating Barbados on the attainment of its 50th anniversary of Independence, she also suggested that this was one of the reasons why Barbadians were finding it difficult to come to terms with the current economic challenges facing the country.

“So we have children now who have TVs in every bedroom. They can’t conceive of a Barbados where probably they would have been one TV in a whole district or none at all. They can flush toilets . . . . They eat English apples everyday . . . and when the washing machine doesn’t work we can’t tell them to go and wash those clothes by hand, they want to know when will it be fixed,” she said.

The Government senator also emphasized that while many Barbadian parents had struggled in both the pre and post independence period to raise the standard of living for their children, much of that effort has been lost on current generation of Barbadians, who she described as “impatient with Barbados”.

“So the disconnect with the aging infrastructure, the lack of understanding about an aging hospital, unsustainable tertiary education and the other many, many, issues facing us, are here with us and we find ourselves at a turning point because we now have to start to tackle these problems as a country, not only as a Government,” Sandiford-Garner said.

She also lamented that “in the mad rush to see how Barbados could become as wealthy as possible” the type of independent Barbados that should have been fashioned was somehow lost.

But while cautioning that Barbados would never be the same again, she said it was time for every citizen to step back and take stock.

“More and more as a people as we face these challenges everyday I am saying that we will be called upon to rely on ourselves, as a people and our innate capacity to be resilient and we need to be purposeful in fashioning a Barbados in which we will continue to be proud of not only ourselves, but of our children and our grand children,” she added.

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  1. Tony Webster November 24, 2016 at 5:45 am

    When I was yet in short-pants, my geography teacher was the then revered Paul Scoon, later Sir Paul Scoon, Governor-General of Grenada…and now very late- and even more beloved.

    Late in an afternoon session, I disctinctly remember him upbraiding a youngster who recklessly expressed his eagerness at soon “going home to lick-up some nice sardines”…by saying to the errant youngster: “Young man, you live just a stones’ throw from where the fishermen sell their fresh jacks…you should use your local produce, and keep the money in Grenada”.

    It was my very first lesson in Economics 101; a lesson I wonder if is yet taught hereabouts, and nowabouts, to our children… and practised by our adults…especially, those charged with the duties of leadership. By such untrammelled excesses, we are creating the vehicle carrying us to an economic Rocky Gully.

    I therefore rush to agree with the (charming, brave, and forthright) Senator.

  2. Alex Alleyne November 24, 2016 at 9:25 am

    “TV in every room and a washing machine in the house”, Well my dear lady, if the good LORD did not want the people of his WORLD to enjoy such things , he would not have made our BRAINS to expand beyond a certain level.
    Most of you will tell usl that all great things will be waiting for us when “you die and go to heaven”. I believe in “Here and Now”.

  3. jus me November 24, 2016 at 2:49 pm

    So we have children now who have TVs in every bedroom. They can’t conceive of a Barbados where probably they would have been one TV in a whole district or none at all. They can flush toilets . . . . They eat English apples everyday . . . and when the washing machine doesn’t work we can’t tell them to go and wash those clothes by hand, they want to know when will it be fixed,” she said.

    WTF this woman on bout now??

    HOW MANY BEDROOM one child have>>??

    Lady,listen careful nah.

    Some people got SOMETHING to say!!
    Other People JUST GOTTA say something>

    I know where you does fit.

  4. Alex Alleyne November 24, 2016 at 4:25 pm

    I was watching a TV show one time and the reporter said to the Lady , “You live in a big house and drive a top of the line car, you enjoying the bourgeoisie life”, The lady reply “you put me in a sociologically defined class” , but let me say to you, ” My great,great,great,great grandfather rode a donkey, now I drive a car. I might not be here but I will hope that my great,great,great grandchildren will fly a plane.

  5. Tony Waterman November 24, 2016 at 8:18 pm

    Irene Sandiford-Garner!!!!You are so far out in left field, that i don’t believe that you are even in the ball Park.

    What the Hell do you think that Schools are for???

    this is just another case od “It was’nt me” in my day going to school in “THE OLD BARBADOS” i was taught “CIVICS” and “WEST INDIAN HISTORY”, so i am aware ans was always made aware of what it took to get me and those of my generatipn to where we were at that time in Barbados’s History.

    we could see the transformations as they took place, for Instance!!

    3 rocks and a Buck Pot ontop of them fired by pieces of wood and tree branches, next step, a Coal Pot, and a 3 legged Cast iron Pot usong Coals if available and pieces of Wood, then the Single Burner Keresone Stove with the Glass Kerosene Container, followed by the Double Burner, and then the Triple Burner, and then the 4 Burner Gassified kerosene Stove with the Tank on the Wall above and the Pilot Ligjt.
    (My Mom defeated the purpose of that, she was not leaving any fire burning in her house overnight, out it went every Night)

    now we have Electric Stoves and Gal Stoves.

    who remembered the Ice Boxes, had one of those you were “The Man/Woman”
    Ice Cream Makers/Ice/Rock Salt/Crocus Bag or News paper, turned manually, your reward being the internal parts for you to lick of the Icecream of it.

    Jucking Boards, Bleaching on the Rocks.
    Chlorene Powder for Cleaning Mos off the Concrete Sink in the Yard, and the gutters around the house.

    Yes there is a Disconnect, but it is NOT the cause of the Parents, some of whom have no Idea what the Hell i am talking about, it is the Fault of the School System, that is building it’s house on the Sand, and we know from the Bible what happened to those who did just That.

    ;et hear whot you others ourt there have to say, about the blame that Irene Sandiford-Garner is laying on the PARENTS of Barbados.

  6. Tony Waterman November 24, 2016 at 8:29 pm

    BTW!!! My Children were Born and Raised in Canada, and were coming to Barbados since they were 6 Months old, the still do, my Daughter just Married a Boy From Barbados, and they both asked me once when we were in Conversation about being Born and raised ib Barbados.
    How did you do Homework without Electricity, How did you Cook, Wash Clothes Etc
    My Answer was quite The kerosene Lamp with Home sweet Home on The Chimney, and we still have plenty of them (Originals) Coal Pot or Keresone Stove, Jucking Board, Wash Pan, Barrel Tub, Cement Sink.

    Does our System have Examples of the Artifacts that can go from school to school and demonstrate to the Younger Generations what it was like back then ??? you and i know the Answer to that question. a big Fat “NO”

    So Irene Sandiford-Garner, it is YOU and your Generation Of Administrators that have dropped the Ball, Not the Parents, some of whom have no Idea of any of the stuff that i have spoken of.

  7. Francis November 24, 2016 at 8:47 pm

    Tony Waterman you are spot on !!


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