DLP administration a waste – Mottley

Opposition Barbados Labour Party (BLP) Leader Mia Mottley is accusing the Freundel Stuart administration of politicizing key national institutions for its own selfish benefit and going on a “frolic” instead of addressing urgent issues that gravely affect residents.

She made the charge Tuesday as she spoke with journalists during one of her rubbing shoulders sessions in the quiet community of White Hill, St Andrew.

“I am tired of everything in this country [being politicized], and this Government has perfected the art of . . . shaming people and trying to talk about politics,” Mottley said, as she and her BLP parliamentary colleagues skipped Tuesday morning’s session of Parliament to visit the residents in the rural parish given that it was the second anniversary of the land slippage that forced the closure of a section of the road.

“They have politicized the [Royal Barbados] Police Force and they have politicized the courts; they have politicized the Central Bank [and] they have politicized every institution that used to be hitherto independent.”

Mottley challenged the Prime Minister to visit White Hill, where residents have complained of neglect and accused the administration of victimizing them because the area is a BLP stronghold.

“Let the Prime Minister come and see for himself,” she said.

“The notion that the Prime Minister and the Minister of Housing [Denis Kellman] can’t come and meet with these people or the people in St Joseph or elsewhere, who either have no roads or water, is salt in the wound,” the BLP leader charged.

Mottley added that White Hill residents were not alone in their suffering, since other communities across the island were also facing “major problems”.

“It has been eight years of neglect, it has been eight years of no focus, it has been eight years of no serious expenditure, it has been eight years of not taking care of the roads and building the gabions and doing the things that need to be done.

“And this Government does not want me to talk about the other things they should be doing across the entire Scotland District,” Mottley threatened.

She complained that instead of attending to the plight or people across the country, Government had chosen instead to go on “a frolic” to build high-rise apartments such as the Grotto complex which remains unoccupied two years after completion, and the administrative buildings for the Sanitation Services Authority (SSA).

She also raised a stink over last week’s “embarrassing situation” of overflowing sewerage on the south coast.

“This country is suffering from utter neglect and the utter neglect comes from the wrong choices that the Government is making,” Mottley charged.

“You spend money building five, six buildings like the Grotto for $28 million or you spend money building a five storey eyesore at Vaucluse [SSA building] as we would have just seen, for another $28 million,” she said.

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  1. Greengiant November 23, 2016 at 7:04 am

    Your party squandered our money while in office too. You could have addressed the old water mains, paid Al Barracks, properly address the infrastructure in the scotland district, to mention a few.

    Instead you engaged in bolt projects one after another, wasting money at Greenland, over spending at KOMI for the oval project, left the National payroll swollen with the more than ten new statutory corporations to employ your supporters and I can go on.

    So in fact though this government is probably doing the best they can do, sometimes your very best isn’t good enough. The fact is Ms. Mottley the government has spent the last eight economically challenging years having to pay our foreign exchange towards the mountainous foreign depth your administration left for us.

    That’s the missing part of all the comments being made by the many commentators, political scientists, economists and political yard fouls. Oh and concerning White Hill, your party, having spent the most years in office between 1976 and 2008 could have and should have provided a proper and permanent solution for the continued support they gave you instead of a couple hundred thousand dollars in gabions. Or are you waiting to move the remaining residents to another location within the constituency like those relocated to farmers? So you see it’s the pot vs the kettle and the masses have no tea for breakfast or food for lunch.

    Many like me support none of you and may enter the poling station to spoil the vote so not to be listed as non voters and be marginalised. If you want our support you lot need to tell the nation now what you would do if you were in office now and what will change going forward. Remember both parties have had huge majorities in parliament and we have gotten no major legislative changes. So really you are both failed parties and we really are starved of alternatives.

    • Donild Trimp November 23, 2016 at 2:06 pm

      Greengiant, you are a Minister in the current Government so why hide behind anonymity.

      The fact of the matter is your Government the DLP is a disgrace to Barbados.

      You all are a bunch of corrupt “educated fools”.

  2. Sherlock Holmes. November 23, 2016 at 10:36 am

    I wish politicians could be taken seriously!

  3. Greengiant November 23, 2016 at 9:14 pm

    Brother Trimp I’m not a politician at all. One of my deceased older relatives was one of our brighter politicians. I was being groomed to be his heir I must admit but I’m way too forthright and straightforward to be working with either party. So I’ve decided to be a voice to remind my people of the past that has caught up with us.

    Some of us, while we utilize our right of political association need to remember our past political and social failings. My first recollection of a political awareness was Tom’s ” no more tricks in 76 ” this was the post energy crisis period. I am now in possession of every manifesto of all political parties since that year. I’m always an advocate for change, but with caution. We the electorate have to be less emotional and more practical as all leaders in our history have lost control of some ministers during their second (pensionable) term in office. I want to urge voters not to vote for parties, but for a constituency representative. I actually wish for the day when voters will be able to vote for each minister according to required portfolios based on persons nominated and seconded as suitable for the job. Then those elected will choose one as their leader. The chosen ones will then select professionals to assist in getting the job done. The Westminister party political system is obsolete and tired. It will continue to fail us in this century as it’s a comfort system and not production related. We have never gotten value for money and never will once this model remains. I wish someone can tell me what would be wrong with each barbarian having the right to vote for each Minister regardless of which circus they rehearse with. This will reduce the theory of political swings as too many monkeys swing their way through the gates of parliament on the backs of those who are really capable. Thats why the bigger a majority a party gets the less work is done. ” All this country needs is a few good men ” and I’m not talking gender here. Oh and Trimp, I’m a powerful giant (green) not red or blue. Ah gone mate.

  4. Andrew Simpson November 24, 2016 at 7:46 am

    I’m with Greengiant on the need for change, in the way our country is managed. By all means, retain and reclaim but also prepare to release. Time to morph.

  5. Greengiant November 24, 2016 at 9:50 am

    Our electoral system needs serious over haul, our civil service needs to be changed with workers on contract with gratuity at the end period.

    The unions have to focus on preserving jobs by way of teaching members productive practices. And increase in production and profit equating to a raise in salary/wages.

    Restructuring of the chamber of industry and commerce is a must as that structure too has become obsolete, seeming like just another old members club.


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