Pride of St Philip

Shanesse Mottley and Tyrell Carter will be flying the purple flag high at this year’s Spirit of the Nation show which comes off this Saturday at Kensington Oval.

The two St Philip parish ambassadors are confident that they will make fellow ‘Philippines’ happy when they take to the stage at annual Independence anniversary event.

Shanesse Mottley and Tyrell Carter
Shanesse Mottley and Tyrell Carter

Twenty-three-year old Shanesse is a recent graduate of the University of the West Indies, with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. She is currently employed at Emerald City supermarket in Six Roads, the commercial capital of St Philip.

“I choose psychology because I’m interested in knowing how someone thinks,” Shanesse told Bajan Vibes, “and to look at the behavioural aspect as well as knowing about the psychological, mental and social side of human beings.”

The 23-year-old takes advantage of all the opportunities afforded to her as a resident of St Philip. One involves going to the beaches, viewing the magnificent scenery and taking part in other sightseeing adventures.

From her younger years, Shanesse, accompanied by her brothers and twin sister, would explore the beaches and springs in the rural south eastern parish.

To her, knowledge is power. Not surprisingly, she reads a lot, especially books related to her field of study in order to stay abreast of developments and continuously improve her knowledge.

Shanesse was always active in her parish before deciding to become a parish ambassador. She explained: “I love children and that is why I was part of the IRep survival group which went around to schools in St Philip promoting cancer awareness.

Tyrell, on the other hand, has his sights set on a political career. “Many of our politicians come out of St Phillip,” he said, making reference to Prime Minister Freundel Stuart, Attorney General Adriel Braithwaite and Minister of Transport Michael Lashley.

The 23-year-old Politics and Accounts graduate of the Barbados Community College has dreams of becoming Minister of Finance someday. In the meantime, Tyrell tries his hand at everything since he does not believe in wasting time when there are opportunities to be had.

He took it upon himself to take on learning a new skill which led to him becoming an assistant butcher at Emerald City where he prides himself in making real Bajan ham and other ready done meat delicacies that are enjoyed by the public.

Tyrell is also a lover of nature and takes the time to inhale all that the rural parish has to offer, from his Cliffden Hill residence where he has a good view of the St Philip coast line. Tyrell said the fresh air and loving atmosphere are aspects of St Philip that are not prevalent in the urban areas. He loves the parish because all Philippines know each other and look out for each other. “We are a family,” he added.

Commonly referred to as the “Republic of St Philip”, the parish can boast of many places and people who have made an indelible mark on Barbadian history. Among them, Bayley’s Plantation where the 1816 Bussa-led slave rebellion started, the Ragged Point Lighthouse, historic Crane hotel, and calypsonians Red Plastic Bag, John King and Lil Rick.

Rich in its uniqueness and history, St Philip can also boast of being one of two places in the world that has a six cross roads and a small island, Culpepper, located just off
its coastline.

This year’s St Philip parish project hinges on five pillars – Education, Agriculture, Religion, Culture and Sport, with religion at the centre of them all.

The Project, “Uh Too Love Muh St Philip”, highlights the parish’s development journey over the last 50 years. It honours the past, celebrates the present and embraces the future.

Within Barbados, St Philip has carved out a distinct parochial identity based on patterns of speech, family and community bonds.

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