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Cop accused of indecently assaulting minors awaits his fate

courtPoliceman Ricardo Devere Millington, who is currently on remand at HMP Dodds on indecent assault charges, has characterized himself as a victim of circumstances.

That’s according to the findings of a psychological assessment, conducted by psychiatrist at HMP Dodds Sean Pilgrim, which was delivered in the No. 2 Supreme Court today.

In November last year, the 44-year-old officer of Breezy Hill, Halton Terrace, St Philip, pleaded not guilty to rape but guilty to three counts of committing serious indecency against two minors in 2011.

In his report, Pilgrim said Millington denied any responsibility for the offences.

“He characterized himself as a victim of circumstances and noted that he only sought to help an individual who he believed to be in desperate need of assistance,” Pilgrim told the court presided over by Madam Justice Margaret Reifer.

However, the psychiatrist stated that Millington, who was accepted into the police force at age 32, indicated that he was prepared to accept whatever sentence was meted out to him.

“He believed that he could do no more to change the possible outcome of this matter,” Pilgrim said.

It was also disclosed that Millington was skeptical that the St Philip-based penal institution was well equipped to properly treat his medical challenges.

“He further explained that he had frequently experienced discomfort and
other health challenges which could make it difficult for him to complete any sentence at Her Majesty’s Prison,” the psychiatrist reported.

A pre-sentencing report into Millington’s life was also read in the court, which revealed that the policeman “did not appear to fully accept his responsibility for the offences,” instead focusing more on his medical condition.

However, the report stated that the crime appeared to be out of character for Millington.

“Since it seemed to be within his nature to try to assist persons, one may consider, therefore, that the offence may have arisen out of circumstances and opportunity, rather that pre-meditation,” the acting senior probation officer who read the report said.

“[There are] no indicators that he has a propensity for sexually deviant behaviour. Therefore, he appears to be low risk for further offending.”

After hearing the reports, Justice Reifer adjourned the matter until Thursday, when the court will hear from Millington’s character witnesses as well as closing arguments from attorney Alvan Babb who is representing Millington in association with Angela Mitchell-Gittens.

The Crown, which is represented by Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions Donna Babb-Agard, QC, will also address the court.

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