GUYANA – Love affair leads to brutal double murder

GEORGETOWN –– In a surprising turn of events, 37-year-old Kurt Reynolds was not stabbed over a business transaction, but it was in fact when he declared greater affection for his wife and the mother of one of his children, to his older lover, Selima “Shelly” Norton.

According to information received, Reynolds and the 45-year-old woman were having an affair while at Ekereku Hill Top, Upper Mazaruni where they met while working. They both pooled their money and opened a shop.

Kaieteur News was told that Norton, who was reportedly aware that her lover was married, became possessive as time went by. Reports are that she would start a fight whenever the miner had to travel to the city to see his family.

Selima “Shelly” Norton in this photo taken in October 2015 after the murder of her one-year-old granddaughter.
Selima “Shelly” Norton in this photo taken in October 2015 after the murder of her one-year-old granddaughter.

One time she actually threatened to harm his wife if he ever left her to go back home to his family.

On the day of the murder, the miner reportedly told the woman that he had to go visit his wife since he hadn’t been home for a while. It was then that the woman reportedly started an argument to prevent him from leaving the interior.

The argument then reportedly shifted from the miner wanting to return home to him selling items on credit to his friends.

It was during the argument that the miner reportedly told the woman that his wife did not argue with him as much as she did and that he loved his wife.

His lover reportedly got upset and picked up a knife and attacked the miner, who allegedly held onto her and stabbed her with a weapon he had in his waist.

The woman died at the scene. This newspaper was told that a wounded Reynolds related what had transpired to cops before he died.

Police found Norton’s body at the scene, while Reynolds, who was still alive, lay nearby with two stab wounds to his abdomen.

The father of four succumbed as ranks were attempting to transport him out of the area for medical treatment.

A police source had said that the dying man claimed that he and Norton had quarreled after they both accused each other of infidelity.

The slain woman is the same Shelly Norton who narrowly escaped death in October 2015, when her then partner shot and killed her one-year-old granddaughter, Arian Gill, and wounded Norton’s 12-year-old daughter, Ashley Wellington. The attack occurred at the woman’s Annandale, East Coast Demerara residence.

The alleged killer, former Guyana Defence Force rank, Marc Angoy, has since been charged with the killing.

Source: (Kaieteur News)

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