Thorpe is second time unlucky

courtA 60-year-old man is of the view that he was “unlucky” after he appeared in court yesterday on a theft charge – the second such charge in recent days.

This time, Anthony Thorpe of Derricks, St James admitted to stealing six packets of mints worth $65.94, belonging to Savings Plus Inc.

He previously appeared in court on another theft charge, for which he was granted bail after entering a not guilty plea before Magistrate Kristie Cuffy-Sargeant.

In outlining the facts in the No. 2 Magistrates’ Court yesterday, police prosecutor Sergeant Neville Reid said Thorpe was observed by security entering the establishment and was kept under observation. He was seen placing the mints into a haversack, putting the bag on his back and exiting the store. Thorpe was stopped on the outside and the items were recovered.

Reid revealed that Thorpe was “well known” to the system, as he had numerous antecedents.

The magistrate then placed him on a bond to keep the peace and be of good behaviour for two years. Thorpe must also compensate the complainant, after pleading with the court for his freedom, saying: “Jail hard.”

If he breaches the bond, he will spend 12 months in prison. Failure to pay the complainant in two weeks will also attract a six-week prison sentence.

“I am very unlucky,” Thorpe said as he left the dock following sentencing.

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