Boyce admits to having flare gun and ammo

courtA St Michael man Thursday pleaded guilty in the High Court to gun and ammunition charges but will not be sentenced until later.

Royston Delon Boyce, of 2nd Avenue Brighton Terrace, admitted to having possession of a flare gun and three rounds of ammunition without a valid licence on October 21, 2013.

In accepting Boyce’s plea, Crown Counsel Oliver Thomas outlined the facts in the No 2 Supreme Court for Madam Justice Michelle Weekes. The prosecutor revealed that on the mentioned date, police officers went to execute a search warrant at Boyce’s residence. He said a woman answered the door and was shown the warrant, and lawmen proceeded into the house.

Thomas said when they entered the first bedroom, they found Boyce hiding under the bed.

When he was asked why he was hiding, he replied: “I know wanna was looking for me.”

The search then continued and a flare was found at the top of a wardrobe. Officers then proceeded to the kitchen where the bottom part of a stove was examined.

A clothes iron box was seen by an officer who looked inside and found a black plastic bag, inside of which was another flare and a flare gun loaded with a flare.

Asked to account, Boyce said then: “I ain’t know bout that.”

The woman who answered the door was also asked about the find, and she replied: “No, the first time I seeing it.”

Boyce was later taken to the District ‘F’ Police Station where he gave a verbal statement, which was written and signed by him.

In that statement, which was read by Thomas, Boyce revealed that he had moved to the Brighton residence sometime in April that year and stumbled on the illegal items.

He said he had decided to “bake a pie” but encountered difficulty lighting the stove.

“I bend down and open the bottom part of the oven, butt up on a green plastic bag tied up, [and] opened the bag to find an orange plastic bag inside. I opened the orange bag; I found a flare gun and three flares. I placed the flare gun in a black plastic bag while the oven cool down. I placed back the flare gun in the oven in a box . . . [but it] isn’t mine,” Boyce’s statement read.

Thomas revealed that the gun was tested by a police expert.

Boyce said while he agreed with some of the facts, he was not in agreement with the findings of the expert, saying: “It would have exploded in his hand.”

The judge then informed the prosecutor that the officer would be needed to explain his findings.

The matter was adjourned to November 25.

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