South coast pump fixed, ordour remains

A broken pump which for several weeks has been dumping vile-smelling effluence along the street in the south coast has finally been repaired, the Barbados Water Authority (BWA) revealed.

Pedestrians and businesses are still complaining about the pungent odour.
Pedestrians and businesses are still complaining about the pungent odour.

However, the foul smell which brought discomfort to residents and visitors has yet to dissipate.    

BWA Acting Manager of Engineering Charles Marville said an infiltration of surface water had broken the pump, but that staff had worked throughout the night last night to rectify the problem.

Nonetheless, up to this afternoon when Barbados TODAY visited the affected area, pedestrians and businesses were still complaining about the pungent odour.

The manager of Chicken Barn Rendezvous, who referred to herself as Miss Sargeant, said the stench was causing staff and customers serious discomfort.

She also complained that water from the overflowing manholes was seeping into the parking lot, making parking a nightmare for customer.

“We have had a lot of water running into our parking lot and it has been flooded for the last couple of days and this a serious inconvenience because we don’t have anywhere for our customers to park. The odour is extremely bad, it is not good for staff and it is also not good for our customers who are coming in to buy food. We really need something done about it as quickly as possible,” she said.

Pedestrians walking near one of the overflowing manholes in front of CIBC FirstCaribbean Business Centre at Rendezvous not only expressed concern about the smell but also about water being splashed on them by passing vehicles.

“My little brother already has things brekking out on his skin after some of that nasty water get splash on he. This is really nuff s****e fuh true . . . something needs to be done,” one irate young woman said.

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  1. Meakai November 11, 2016 at 8:47 am

    I order, sorry; I ordour you to correct this headline. No excuses, just do it quickly before the bosses see. You can thank me later or buy me a 4410. Exactly!

  2. George Mayers November 12, 2016 at 12:22 am

    I think they meant ‘odour’ not ‘order’, Meakai! I was baffled at first until I read further. It seems that there are no more proofreaders available.


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