Proud ambassadors of St George

Meet the 2016 St George parish ambassadors!

They are young and carry a burning passion to see the richness and uniqueness of their beloved parish showcased to all.

Brian Cox, 22, and Pishana Corke, 19, share a love for their rural parish unlike any other. Both have vivid memories from their childhood of growing up in St George, describing the experience as the best ever.

Pishana Corke and Brian Cox.
Pishana Corke and Brian Cox.

Brian has fond memories of teaming up with friends and running or riding all over the place on their bicycles during the long summer holidays. Also picking different kinds of fruit which were in season.

Pishana, on the other hand, recalled spending a lot of time learning many things in the kitchen at home. From this experience grew her love for the culinary arts.

Brian, a night auditor at the Bougainvillea Beach Resort, and Pishana, a chef at Sandals Resorts, are very happy that they were chosen as this year’s
St George parish ambassadors.

They said it has exposed them to opportunities that otherwise they would never have had and information about the parish that they didn’t even know.

The enriching experience has supported their personal developments over the past several months.

In preparation for the Spirit of the Nation show being held at Kensington Oval for the first time on November 19, the duo, along with their Parish Independence Committee (PIC), under their theme‘ST. GEORGE WE PROUD…FROM THEN TIL NOW’,set out to effectively capture and highlight the wealth of knowledge about the parish, especially among the  elderly population.

Through various events and outreach programmes during the course of the year, the two parish ambassadors and their committee sought to pass that knowledge on to at least 20 per cent of the youth within St George and Barbados by extension, highlighting the way of life and the contributions of many St Georgians.

The PIC placed much emphasis on PROUD, an acronym for Parishioners Remembering Outstanding contributions Unique to the Development of St. George. The ambassadors sought through their project to forge links between the elderly and the youth in order to bridge the gap of relationships and strengthen the community spirit.

Brian and Pishana said their proudest accomplishment as parish ambassadors was when they received the commemorative Broken Trident on its arrival in St George at the start of a swing through the island in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Independence. Being first afforded them the opportunity to set the standard high for other parishes to follow.

It is their intention to stay on that high right up to the Spirit of the Nation show when they will compete for honours against parish ambassadors from the other 10 parishes.

Good luck to them both!

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  1. Helicopter(8P) November 10, 2016 at 11:54 am

    Nostalgia about this parish is there were two bridges in olden times Charles Rowe’s and Bridge Cott. The Scott 8th Fusellers Regiment also left little ones around the the Gun Hill region.


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