Forget Trump!

Economist warns of backlash if Bajans don’t choose next Govt wisely

Barbadians are being advised to “forget [Donald] Trump” and switch their focus to the next general election constitutionally due here in just over a year.

In an hour-long video on Facebook in reaction to Tuesday’s election in the United States, in which Republican Donald Trump defeated the favourite, Democratic Hillary Clinton, President of the Barbados Economic Society (BES) Jeremy Stephen stopped short of saying Barbadians had made a mistake in 2008 when they re-elected the Democratic Labour Party (DLP), and that Americans had made a similar mistake Tuesday.

However, he attributed the result, which makes Trump the 45th president-elect of the US, to “undereducated and angry” voters, and advised Barbadians to be smart when they decide on the next Government if they wish to prevent “voters’ remorse”.

“Forget Trump. We have our own politics here to deal with now. What Trump did last night was to prove that West Indian politicians knew something all along – pandering to the undereducated and angry can give you some surprising results.

“This is why it is important for us to vote with logic next election. Don’t let 2008 happen again where you feel voters’ remorse because you got angry at the polls and didn’t use your head,” he recommended.

“So use your head either way. And I know there is no clear-cut winner despite one party saying that they are focused and ready and the other one is saying we should vote on morality.”

The University of the West Indies lecturer somewhat sarcastically compared the DLP’s 2008 home drums beat first campaign to Trump’s threat to deport illegal immigrants and build a wall along the US border with Mexico to prevent Mexicans from entering the US illegally.

He made specific reference to the Guyanese who were repatriated following the DLP’s victory, suggesting it was an action that affected Barbados’ economy.

“They [the DLP] haven’t been talking about closing border. Oh no, they did. They sent home the Guyanese that were helping to prop up the economy. And they haven’t been very pro CARICOM [Caribbean Community] either. Interesting,” Stephen said.

The economist insisted that there would be consequences if the “so-called people who believe they are not educated” did not take the emotion away when they vote in the next election.

He said the evidence was there for all to see, and that the US would soon begin to feel what Barbadians have felt over the past eight years.

“It is up to you to vote with logic and not emotion. The so-called people who believe they are not educated, vote with logic, not emotion. There are long-term repercussions; and luckily we in Barbados have seen eight years of it already. The Americans are now about to see what that means,” Stephen warned.

“Forget America. Watch the next three months from January going forward in the United States to make your own determination. For now focus on [Prime Minister] Freundel [Stuart] and [Opposition Leader] Mia [Mottley]. We need to get our affairs straight, at least show them [the United States] how to do it right,” he added.

7 Responses to Forget Trump!

  1. Jackquelynn Jones
    Jackquelynn Jones November 10, 2016 at 1:57 am

    Maybe they will do something about the lousy sewer system. What are they waiting for..a cholera or typhoid outbreak? Hoe long are they going to ignore the problem?

  2. James Austin Bynoe
    James Austin Bynoe November 10, 2016 at 2:29 am

    Was a good article until I got to the word “logic” … clearly there is no “logic” being applied worldwide by the electorate… what’s being applied is raging deep rooted fear of a brown planet. Not the same challenge in Barbados but the same incredible stunning possibility exist along partisan lines which today still dominate the political landscape in our great nation. “Issues mean less that ideology”

  3. Brien King
    Brien King November 10, 2016 at 2:39 am

    Now you spelt out what occurred in America and claim the people of Barbados did it in 2008. So you think we are badly off now ? Wait until who you wish to get in, get in and see what badly off really looks like. It is indeed funny that you are asking and hoping that the people of Barbados don’t do what you claim would occur but hoping they do the opposite when deep down you know full well that , that is how they will vote. Haven’t you notice that here in Barbados most people unfortunately follow the path that Americans pass? You are doing nothing more but fooling yourself and those that follow you but reality always hits home.

  4. Hal Austin November 10, 2016 at 4:10 am

    It is silly to say that Barbadians should ignore the richest and most powerful nation in the world, particularly so when the president-elect is the most riight wing candidate since Barry Goldwater in the 1960s.
    America will determine the level of our trade with other nations through its control of Western banking and trading regulation and policy. We are already experiencing it through correspondent banking.
    There are also political lessons: if a ruling political and media elite continue to ignore ordinary working people they will take their revenge through the ballot box.
    In Barbados our politics have been debased to either of two liberal democratic parties that differ only in terms of personalities. There are no ideological or policy differences between the two parties.
    In the US, already you hear the meaningless rhetoric: Obama and Clinton preaching that now the election is over we are all on the same team. Nonsense.
    We have a totally different vision of how the West should develop compared to the KKK-tinged racism of Trump. Are we to cooperate with our own humiliation? It is deferring too much to the role of president and to US democracy.
    So, as a nation, Barbados should look forward to the next general election. But first it should not be an either or, BLP or DLP; both parties must come out and spell out their policies, tell us what they will do differently.
    With the DLP we have had eight years of failure; with the BLP, eight years of silence. Where are the alternative voices?

  5. Sheldine Dyall
    Sheldine Dyall November 10, 2016 at 4:20 am

    De DEMS ain’t . Winning again they fool the young voters.

  6. John CS King November 10, 2016 at 2:25 pm

    Hal it is not the richest nation China is

  7. Hal Austin November 12, 2016 at 2:48 pm

    John, you are right and I have said so in the past. But some analysts are still saying it is the US. In any case, the US is in decline: China now has the biggest military and spend a higher proportion of its GDP on the military. They are preparing for a fight.
    The third world ware is at hand.


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