Trump versus CNN

guestThe CNN is at war with Donald Trump. Donald Trump calls CNN, the Clinton News Network, and other mainstream media, “the world’s most dishonest people.” He calls them “disgusting”, “lying”, “the most dishonest groups of people I’ve ever met.”  

He is relying on the intelligence of American voters to see through the crookedness of the Clinton News Network, the CNN, and the bulk of mainstream news media. At the same time, the dishonest media has forced him to concede to “political correctness”.

Over the course of the long bloody 18 month suffrage, he has honed himself and his message. What formerly seemed bigoted and outrageous, now seem coherent and conceivable. Here are ways in which this candidate has re-configured himself, his message, and shifted the ground under CNN.

THE WALL. It is no longer a wall to stop Mexican aliens, illegals, convicts, rapists. It is a wall to protect illegal entry by Mexicans. And drugs! An anti-Open Borders wall. A wall to defend US sovereignty, from terrorist attacks. To defend the rights of those waiting in line for legal entry. He has made subtle shifts all along the line to make his Wall policy less reprehensible. He has also paid a visit to Mexico; and has discovered that he can work with the Mexican President.

SUSPEND MOSLEMS. His initial call to suspend all Moslems from entering the United States, until “we know what the hell is going on,” has shifted. He now speaks of “extreme vetting” of immigrants from those nations “prone” to producing terrorism. He insists on a pragmatic policy of détente with Russia to counter ISIS, “radical Islamic terrorism”; but does not say, “We are going to knock the hell out of ISIS.”

“AFRO-AMERICAN” AND “LATINO” RHETORIC. Trump’s platform rhetoric on Afro-Americans has changed. They are no longer “these” or “those” people. Or seen as antagonists. A lead CNN interview had sought to portray him as favourable to the Klu Klux Klan. He has now vowed to bring education, jobs, factories, to the inner cities. He has vowed to “fix” poverty; to work on the ground, with a new contract for amelioration. He has repeated: “What do you have to lose?” He now uses vital, actual statistics to describe the deplorable living conditions of this “constituency”.

LEFT, LIBERALS, BLACKS. The Trump phenomenon has destroyed the masks of many of the spokespersons for the left, liberal, and proverbial black agendas. These CNN “experts” and “contributors” have sold out their professed principles for the partisan cause of Clinton. If they are anti-War, why do they support the hawk, the war candidate? If they are anti-Wall Street, why do they support the Wall Street candidate? If they are anti-Establishment, Big Trade Deal, Big Lobby, why are they supporting the candidate who makes pacts with these interests? Partisan and race politics have trumped mainstream Left, Liberal and Black agendas; weakening and destroying their credibility.

CNN THE FIXER. As Trump has reformed, honed his agenda, the CNN – that hot gospeller of war, as reactionary as the Republican Right, same sewer, same cesspit – has been caught fixing the questions for the Presidential Debates. Their candidate has been unable to extract herself from her own self-medicating morass. She has not been able to escape the label, Crooked Hillary. Has she been collecting pittances/bribes from foreign donors to sell out, sacrifice, her office? Hired out the military might of the United States? The White House, the Department of Justice, the FBI, now seem to understand that there is deeper, and stupendous, relevance and significance to the Email scandal.

THE PHONY WAR. The Obama/CNN network has invoked a phony war in Iraq, late in the day, “against ISIS” in Mosul. It is a phony CNN+Whitehouse propaganda war because it magnifies considerably the dangers involved, with CNN staff walking over alleged IED minefields. It has been choreographed, primarily, to give the impression of success, strength; to halt Trump; to absolve the Administration from their Middle Eastern debacles; and will cause more civilian deaths than anything else. Democratic terror.

THE AEGEAN STABLES. There is something rotting in the State of Denmark. The Aegean stables need to be flooded out. We will drain the swamp! There is something holy, missionary, therapeutic, healing, cathartic about flooding out the stables.  The Clinton-CNN compact, ancien king and pope, is contaminated, a den of vipers colluding to perform fraud.

Trump has promised a new contract to curb the Establishment; term limits for congress-persons, for example. He has been continually shedding skin, topping up himself, his game, his slogans. He has inspired the curiosity, the daring of the American imagination: the thirst for renewal, the fresh; the bold, the appetite for risk. What will Trump actually do if he wins the Whitehouse? The question is mesmerizing.

Trump has his CNN deniers banging on a cardboard replica of himself. As the candidate has progressed, they have been left demonizing an old Trump, a myth of their imagination, a chimera long gone. They are shuffling and jabbing at spaces long vacated. Will Trump actually help America and the planet? American problems are deep-rooted, historical, systemic. The objective conditions remain: a dependence on war, and an uncompetitive high-wage economy. When trade fails, Empires resort to war.

If Trump beats CNN, the chief gospeller of America’s war machine, on Tuesday, he will have to keep on doing so over and over again. 


4 Responses to Trump versus CNN

  1. Cherylann Bourne-Hayes
    Cherylann Bourne-Hayes November 8, 2016 at 11:58 am

    He was loving the free press that was getting and never complainned. Now he is mad. Just like SNL, he was hosting and loving them. Once he started disliking the skits now they are the worst thing ever. Freaking cry baby. If he gets this election he will be like some other world leaders I do not need to name. Horrific is one way to describe them.

  2. Philip Clement
    Philip Clement November 8, 2016 at 12:01 pm

    it seems he’s at war with everyone and is not even elected yet…..
    whoa to the world if he is.

  3. Vernon Brownfield
    Vernon Brownfield November 8, 2016 at 3:22 pm

    This column is so much crap. Trump hasn’t changed or softened his tone in anyway. Please do research before you write.

  4. Seth St John
    Seth St John November 8, 2016 at 8:03 pm

    Typical writing to be expected from a trump fanboy. Oblivious to reality, i had a hard time reading after your rubbish about the wall..
    Actually i had a hard time reading it in general, but i somewhat made it to the end


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