Too many charities!

A prominent philanthropist is concerned that there is an overabundance of charities in Barbados “falling over each other” for funding.

Chairman Jania Geoghegan of the ASPIRE Foundation (Barbados) Inc – a coaching and development consultancy  – today told the launch of its Charity Incubator Programme that there were over 1,000 charities here, most of which lacked the resources to make a difference.

“Some of those charities are falling over each other. They don’t even know that they [each other] exist,” she said.

Challenged by the diminishing funding, the lifespan of most of these charities is three to five years, Geoghegan said.

She was supported by Chief Project Manager of the Maria Holder Memorial Trust Jane Armstrong, who argued that there was a need to strengthen capacity local charities, while making it clear “we have to work on strengthening because the funding that is available has diminished”.

In keeping with the ASPIRE Foundation’s slogan, “Helping Charities Help”, Geoghegan said the organization would, through its Charity Incubator and Certification Programme, provide charities and non-profit organisations here with sustainability tools such as governance, business planning, finance, marketing and communications, fundraising, human resource management and legal compliance.

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