Good old days are gone, NGOs warned

Go out there and generate your own funds!

That was the advice today to non-governmental organizations (NGOs) from the head of one of the country’s best-known charities.

Chief Executive Officer of Pinelands Creative Workshop (PWC) Rodney Grant said tough economic conditions had made it more difficult for NGOs to attract donor funding and they should not expect a return to the old days when money was flowing.

“The challenges are great and you have to be able to make your own money. A lot of the donor funding does not support operational cost and it does not support administration cost.

“So then what are you going to do? You are going to sit down in an environment that does not provide for a safe future in terms of maturity and just get project funding just to look good? It doesn’t make any sense. NGO’s need to change the way they do business,” he told Barbados TODAY at the Hilton Barbados Resort on the sidelines of a workshop on civil society organized for NGOs by the Inter-American Development Bank.

Grant presented his own organization as an example of an NGO that had evolved in order to be sustainable, pointing to PWC’s foray into areas traditionally left to the private sector.

“The last two operations we would have done, would have been our housing joint partnership with the National Housing Corporation and our bicycle programme.

“As far back as 1997 we did a study tour of Chile and I remember they had a particular social investment programme at the time and you had NGOs delivering the social investment programme and that is what inspired me. They were building roads and they were building houses. These people are no different. If you have Latin American NGOs delivering these critical services to people, why it is that we determine only a private sector can build roads and build houses?”

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  1. jrsmith November 4, 2016 at 4:11 pm

    Our people are told they are middle class and is very well educated , activities as these is below them.. thats why barbados is there for the taking but not by bajans.. much easier to build a church…..


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