Seven years

Woman jailed for forging dozens of cheques

courtMadam Justice Jacqueline Cornelius has sentenced a St Philip woman to seven years in prison for fraud.

However, having already spent 580 days on remand, Rosalind Patricia Alleyne of Collington Drive, Crane now has five years and 41 days left behind bars.

Alleyne was convicted of 52 charges of writing and using 26 forged cheques, amounting to over $15 400, between December 18, 2014 and January 19, 2015.

Alleyne, who was not represented by an attorney, was given a seven-year prison term for using the forged bills and a five-year jail term, which will run concurrently, for writing the cheques.

The judge also sentenced Alleyne, who pleaded guilty in May, to two years behind bars for using a false cheque to get $4 000 from First Caribbean International Bank.

That sentence will also run concurrently, as well as a three-year sentence for her guilty plea to uttering a forged a bill of exchange to First Caribbean International Bank for
$4 000.

Justice Cornelius imposed the sentences in the No.5 Supreme Court Wednesday.

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