Tax ATVs

Paul wants all terrain vehicle operators to pay

Member of Parliament for St Michael West Central James Paul Tuesday called for the imposition of taxes on users of all terrain vehicles (ATVs) who engage in motor racing, warning that they were harming the environment.

In his contribution to the debate on a resolution on the Green Economy Scoping Study, the Government backbencher made reference to a popular spot in St Andrew where some people were behaving in such “a reckless manner” that they posed a danger to the environment.

“We have people here who bringing in all kinds of these large, high wheel vehicles and they want to say that they engage in these motor sports. We need to tax them. We need to tax them because they at the same time do not contribute in any way to maintaining the natural vegetation they destroy.

“I hear about a situation I think in Turner’s Hall where people come in and they encroach on what they perceive to be forest areas but they actually destroy the forest,” Paul told parliamentarians.

He stressed that the island could not allow such random activities, and he urged the authorities to increase the number of wardens monitoring such areas.

“Barbadians see it as bush, but they do not understand that it is more than just that,” the legislator said, contending that those activities were already having a negative impact.

“The reason why we are seeing the floods that we are seeing in some areas is because of the fact that they compromise the ability of the areas of the land to absorb water. So what happens is increase water run off. So what it does, it provides a problem for those who are downstream.

“These people who walking around the place, they want the largest vehicles and they take these all terrain vehicles up through the forest and they pay no attention to the fact that they are destroying the environment that form a very important part of the ecology of this country.”

Paul urged authorities to guard against deforestation, naming Haiti as an example of what can happen when vegetation is destroyed.

He added that Barbados had a duty to manage its environment in a sustainable manner, particularly with more tourists paying close attention to the surroundings of the destinations they visit.

7 Responses to Tax ATVs

  1. GloriaHoneycomb Wiggins
    GloriaHoneycomb Wiggins November 2, 2016 at 4:37 am

    Tax all churches as well,it’s very wrong for them to be exempt from any kind of taxes.It’s not right in the eyes of the ‘Lord’

  2. Charles Atkins
    Charles Atkins November 2, 2016 at 5:46 am

    If you had food growing on the land there wouldn’t be any bush for miscreants to play in.
    Hold on just a sec, if you grew food some highly favored puller of strings might not be able to import as much. That wouldn’t work now would it; only a fool would bite the hands that dip into deep pockets that feed them.
    Leave de lil Black boys lone do an go and put de abandoned government Plantations back into production. That would be a much better thing to do than flapping yuh gums.
    Why don’t you take all of the former insurance company Plantation lands, that are in bush and offer them to the policy holders who get rob to farm.
    Why is your government going to give zone 1 land that is earmarked for the national botanical garden to a solar panel maker to pollute.
    But of course nothing would be lost there, those large hands would dip into those deep pockets and the recipients of the silver would be eternally grateful.

  3. Alexis Paul
    Alexis Paul November 2, 2016 at 7:23 am

    wait i will like to know if these ministers & and the prime minister land taxes & road tax the police cars bikes buses and all them vehicle that government own taxes done pay. Them checking for the public that them ain`t got time to check for them self …

  4. mac November 2, 2016 at 9:49 am

    I take your point Mr. Paul but I don’t think that imposing a tax will solve the problem.
    If they can afford to and pay the tax, the problem will be still there.
    I thing a better solution would be to provide nature trails and ban the operation of these vehicles.

  5. seagul November 2, 2016 at 2:24 pm

    I am also taking the point of Mr Paul concerning the tax. But these taxes should be a very, very very expensive. Our fields and hills are priceless–and they should be made to never forget it.

  6. jrsmith November 2, 2016 at 4:19 pm

    What could you expect from our non productive politicians no chance of jobs coming to Barbados , but they all sit and find something to tax Barbados will become the worlds first tax economy and when everything is tax what next…

    Every day we are seeing the idiots from small islands like barbados, trying to talk green dont have two pennies to rub together no one else around the world is carrying on with this stupidness..
    In the UK fracking is getting on the way big time, then comes drilling for the trillions of barrels of oil under Garrick airport, then comes the nuclear power stations , then comes the new run way thousands of flights taking off and landing, no wankers talking about green but jobs and economic prosperity…

    Our politicians are all tossers of the highest order why dont they all go and protest in (China ) , they dare do that because china is the box , our politicians cant even get water running from our taps in barbados and talking a whole lot of dog squash flat…..


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