Bovell on bail for assault

courtA 22-year-old man who admitted to assaulting another man has been put on $2,000 bail.

Mario Kevin Bovell of Rock Hall, St Thomas pleaded guilty to assaulting Lenroy Scott on October 30, causing him actual bodily harm.

The prosecutor, Sergeant Janice Ifill, told the court that Bovell was involved in a dispute with a security guard outside Pirates Cove, while Scott was having a conversation with another security guard near the car park.

Bovell was trying to get inside the establishment to look for his phone but was told he could not enter.

He then made a motion to Scott and the guard by shaping his hand like a gun, saying he would shoot them.

Scott, who is a police officer, showed Bovell his certificate of appointment and spoke to him about his behaviour. The young man then pushed the police officer and guard, which resulted in a fight.

When asked today whether he had anything to say, Bovell responded: “I apologize to my mother.”

He was then placed on $2 000 bail with one surety and ordered to return on Friday when Scott is expected to appear in court.

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