Wiggins gets suspended sentence

courtMagistrate Douglas Frederick today imposed a nine-month suspended sentence on a young man who went into a woman’s house and stole sunglasses and money last month.

Arturo DeAngelo Wiggins, who was recorded as having no fixed place of abode, had been on remand at HMP Dodds after being found guilty on September 13 of entering Deanna Dear’s house as a trespasser on September 8 and stealing a $600 pair of sunglasses belonging to Stephen Dear and $90.60 in cash.

Today, in pleading for his release, Wiggins told the magistrate he wanted to make something of his life.

He said his grandmother had taught him how to bake and that was a path he was hoping to pursue.

“I regret my actions, Sir. I am very remorseful for what I did. I know I was wrong and I am asking for some community service,” Wiggins said, to which Frederick replied: “You are always regretful once you are in prison.”

The magistrate then told Wiggins, who said he was originally from Speightstown, that he was concerned he had no place to live.

Pointing to some of the areas the accused man was known to frequent, Frederick said: “You are bound to get in trouble. You are a country man going to town; you don’t have any street sense and you are going into little areas where you will find yourself in [difficulty].”

The magistrate then released Wiggins into his mother’s care, with some advice.

“You are previously not known [to the court] . . . . I hope this is the beginning and end of your criminal career,” Frederick told the man.

Wiggins replied: “It’s a learning experience I would not like to repeat.”

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  1. Smiley October 29, 2016 at 10:32 am

    Community service to see what houses to rob .Clean up the garbage the place untidy.STOP THIEVING


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