Shopkeeper admits he was selling drugs

A 54-year-old man has two months to pay the District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court $1,500.

The fine was imposed on Rudolph Alphonza Cadogan of Dukes Alley, Nelson Street, St Michael after he pleaded guilty to possession, possession with intent to supply and trafficking 95 grammes of cannabis worth $475.

The illicit drugs were found in Similac container in Codagon’s bedroom after police executed a search warrant at his home earlier today.

According to the police prosecutor Sergeant Neville Watson the accused man allegedly told the police at the time: “It is all mine, I gine deal with you straight.”

Today Codagon was equally frank with the magistrate, telling Douglas Frederick: “ I am not working and my little brother is sick. I sell a little herb to survive.”

He went to explain that he was not planning to sell the drugs for long, only “until I catch myself”.

If Codagan fails to pay the fine he will spend three months in prison.

“Find a better way of making a living,” Frederick advised the shopkeeper as he left the prisoner’s dock.

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  1. Smiley October 29, 2016 at 10:22 am

    Killing the health of the people and poor excuses pay up drug dealer


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