Pitcher still wants ‘dead money’ from REDjet

More than four years after low cost airline REDJet collapsed commentator and businessman Robert Pitcher is still demanding a refund of the money he spent on two tickets shortly before it went under, even though he admits “that is dead money”.

In a biting attack on the management, Pitcher Friday morning accused REDJet of continuing to sell tickets even after it had become clear it was going out of business.

“A bunch of criminals. You take poor people money the night before or the day before you know that you closing and you still take the money and talk about credit that they will get paid. We never get paid. That is dead money. I bought two tickets going up to St Martin [and I] can’t get back the money. It dead,” Pitcher told a media conference at the Rendezvous, Christ Church office of his Fun N’ Sun Publishing company.

REDjet had posted on its Facebook page in March of 2012 that it “wishes to advise that, in light of our temporary suspension, all flights for Wednesday 28th to Friday 30th have been cancelled.

“All tickets for future travel remain valid. Affected passengers will be offered refunds or the option to travel with REDjet upon commencement of services,” it promised at the time.

The suspension of the airline had come months after it had cut flights, and it never resumed service, having  struggled to get regional governments’ support and running into financial difficulties before its collapse.

The short-lived budget airline, which was founded by the late Ian Burns in 2010 and registered in Barbados, quickly became popular among residents because of its cheap fares, some as low as US$9.99 one-way.

Burns died from a massive heart attack at the end of July 2014 in his native Ireland.

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  1. Alex Alleyne October 29, 2016 at 6:42 am

    RED JET, The suspension of the airline had come months after it had to cut flights, and it never resume service, having STRUGGLED TO GET REGIONAL GOVERNMENTS’ SUPPORT AND RUNNING INTO FINANCIAL DIFFICULTIES BEFORE IT COLLAPSE……. If BARBADOS stop pumping tax payers dollars in LIAT , we all will be reading the same.

  2. BimJim October 29, 2016 at 10:40 am

    Intelligent people who are directly affected by the vagaries of LIAT’s abysmal service and incompetent management have been calling for changes in LIAT’s oversight and executive branch for DECADES, but the top schizo clowns know better than anyone else and refuse to make changes – lest their good friends should be cut out of free visits to the trough and those necessary political perks.

    The entire top of LIAT has NOBODY who has the slightest clue about aviation and airlines. Chairman Holder is a tourism maven who thinks only about tourism – and writes endless books about it. He knows and cares nothing for aviation, airlines or LIAT unless they are serving his tourism, and he should have been fired DECADES ago.

    Minority shareholder Schizo Ralphie calls all of LIAT’s shots, micromanaging the airline lilke it is his own personal pet. Perhaps he is micro-managing his pet Argyle project the same way, now at a cost approaching a Billion EC dollars, now five years behind schedule with likely still another two years to opening, and just about every piece of metal on the entire airport rusting, whether painted or not.

    So here’s the thing… nobody is listening, so SHUT IT DOWN. Stop buying tickets on LIAT, stop travelling on LIAT, stop discussing LIAT, let it close its doors – and stop bleeding the taxpayers dry.

    Only THEN will be see who is willing to put their money where their mouth is… you will NOT see ANY government start another airline because politicians would not know where to start. Assigning yet another Permanent Secretary to create an airline will be a wasted exercise that goes nowhere.

    LIAT is a large vacuum cleaner helping the greedy politicians to suck the spare cash out of every shareholder. The only obstacle to change at LIAT is inertia and lack of political will.

    In order to move forward we will have to bite that bullet, leave LIAT behind, and start again.


  3. laurena Wilson-Jacob October 29, 2016 at 5:31 pm

    I too did not get my refund for tep to Guyana one week before the airline went broke. I still waiting..


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