Water at last

St Joseph residents rejoice at return of running water

It has been more than three months since Erskine Roach of Chimborazo, St Joseph has had a shower.

As the water outage continued in the eastern parish – as well as parts of St James, St Thomas and St Peter – Roach, like many in his community, had to resort to bathing from a bucket.

Therefore, when water began to flow through his taps again Wednesday, he took “a long shower” as he savoured the moment.

Eskine Roach was glad to take a shower today. 
Erskine Roach was glad to take a shower today.

“It came back on yesterday and I feel very good. Everything appears to be alright now and I want it to remain that way. It’s running a little slow but it’s better than none at all. I just had a long shower because the day is so hot and it felt very nice,” Roach told Barbados TODAY with a broad smile.

Roach’s reaction was typical of the way residents of Branchbury, Dark Hole, Bissex and Chimborazo responded after they received “an early Christmas gift” of steady running water for the first time in up to a year.

The elation that overtook one Dark Hole native was palpable when Barbados TODAY visited.

The man, who asked that he not be named, said having running water felt strange to him and he was hopeful it would continue for at least the remainder of the year.

“I’m very happy that it’s back on. I’m hoping it doesn’t go back off. In fact, I would like it to stay on for the rest of the year. I was using a tank for so long now I forgot what it was like to have running water. But it feels good now, real good.”

He said he simply did not believe his eyes when he woke up early one morning and found running water.

In fact, such was he disbelief that he began filling empty bottles for future use.

“I remember getting up one morning after 12 and went to the bathroom and I heard this dripping sound and when I check it was on. I was in shock, and I filled up some bottles so fast. It only stayed on until about six that morning and after that it was off, but now it has been on for about four days.”

 Tameika Howard was all smiles as she told Barbados TODAY that her family was grateful for the relief.

Tamesha Howard is thankful the water is back.
Tameika Howard is thankful the water is back.

However, months of dry taps have left her suspicious. Therefore she is storing water in the event the outages resume.

“Some parts are still not getting any, but we are thankful for what we are getting up here . . . I’m so happy to have it back. I can get to wash my clothes properly without the added stress. It’s a blessing,” Howard said.

Meanwhile, residents of the other affected parishes continue to encounter dry taps.


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  1. BoboTheClown October 28, 2016 at 12:31 pm

    Glad for all a wunna dat got water back. Ope each n ebry una had a bath ,cause i know ow funky some ah unna can get eben when dey is water..



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