Tudor admits to receiving stolen property

courtA 38-year-old St Michael man pleaded guilty to two offences when he appeared before Magistrate Douglas Frederick recently.

Steve Oneal Tudor, of Kew Road, Bank Hall admitted that he was in possession of four grammes of cannabis on October 20. He also pleaded guilty to receiving stolen property – a ring, a bracelet and a chain – belonging to La Romana Jewels, sometime between September 12 and October 20.

According to the facts read by police prosecutor Sergeant Neville Watson, a warrant was executed at Tudor’s house and seven wrappings containing the illicit drugs were found.

Asked to account for it, he allegedly told police: “I does smoke them.”

With regards to the handling of stolen property, Watson disclosed that a report was made by the management of La Romana Jewels, which prompted an investigation that led to the accused.

Tudor was found wearing the bangle he said he bought from another man. That individual is being sought in relation to the theft of the property.

When given a chance to explain himself to the court, Tudor told the magistrate that he had asked the man whether the item was stolen and the man said no and he therefore purchased the bangle for $400.

However, the magistrate told him: “If you getting something that too cheap, that should raise an alarm for you.”

In the matter with the drugs, he told Frederick that he used the substance for “recreational purposes”, but the magistrate made it clear that was no excuse since it was still illegal.

Tudor, who is known to the law courts, was fined $750, which he must pay in six weeks
or face three months in prison, on the drug charge.

For handling stolen property, he was placed on a bond to keep the peace for six months with an alternative of three months at HMP Dodds.

“You have to be more circumspect,” Frederick told Tudor as he left the dock.

Meantime, Darrio Akeil Niles was also charged with handling stolen property – a gold bangle belonging to La Romana Jewels – between September 12 and October 19.

He pleaded not guilty to the offence.

There was no objection to bail from the police prosecutor and Niles was released
on $2,500 bail with one surety.

He returns to court on January 23, 2017.

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