Poem celebrates Barbados

‘Tis said that a child shall lead them.

And we are seeing a good example of this in relation to Barbados’ 50th anniversary of Independence celebrations which peak and conclude next month.

Amidst controversy and concerns raised about the $7 million event, and calls in some quarters for a boycott, a child is calling on Barbadians to unite and have a “grand” celebration “all month long”.

img_9742Ten-year-old Kanzi Scott, who like Barbados will celebrate her birthday on November 30, has done so through a specially penned poem.

“You should make it big and grand. It is your 50th jubilee. If it was your 50th birthday, wouldn’t you want to make it grand?” asks the Class Four West Terrace Primary School student. “The message I want to send to Barbados is continue being the best island I have seen and happy birthday.”

Kanzi wrote the poem urging Barbadians to come out and celebrate the island’s 50th Independence anniversary, after her teacher gave the class a poem writing assignment several months ago specifically related to Independence.

“So I went home and wrote one,” said Kanzi who received special recognition from her teacher. “The second verse of the poem, my birthday and the beaches gave me the inspiration,” she added.

Since the launch of the Golden Jubilee of Independence celebrations earlier this year on January 6, there has been criticism in some quarters suggesting that the merriment was a bit too much, given the economic straits in which the country finds itself.

Prime Minister Freundel Stuart, however, has stoutly defended the celebration and the Government’s $7 million allocation to underwrite the costs.

Kanzi, who plans to attend some of the Independence events, said sharing a birth date with Barbados makes her “excited”.

The lass is no stranger to cultural performances or being outstanding, as she has won competitions before. A skilled player of the viola, she wants to pursue a Master’s degree in Mathematics, meteorology or climatology when she goes to university.

Kanzi says her wish for Barbados going forward is
to see “less crime and . . . . the environment staying as beautiful as it is”.

Kanzi’s mother, Wazita Scott, and aunt, Ankie Scott-Joseph, agrees with her that Barbadians should celebrate the island’s 50th anniversary in a big way. They say aspects of Barbadiana worth celebrating include the food, art and craft, and music.

“So the month-long celebrations will allow the country to capture all the various areas that they can catch in terms of the celebrations,” says Scott-Joseph.

Noting that Barbados seems to be losing its cultural identity, she says the month-long celebrations should help the younger generation to see various aspects of local culture.

“We also have to allow the celebrations to take time to allow those in the diaspora to come home. And do things at different levels to attract the children, the older folks and the younger folks,” says Scott-Joseph.

Below is full poem written by Kanzi.

Let’s Celebrate Bim Independence All Month Long

Bim Celebrations,

Flags, cakes and Bajan food, all month long

A march through town with all the colours of blue, yellow
and black

50 years of independence, we can’t be slack

50 years of celebrations, I in that.


A month long celebration of culture, songs and food

Celebrations for those who were born on Independence too

November 30, I can see, is the best day for Bajans just like me

Who were born on Independence Day in this beautiful country.


Independence Day, a day to be proud of

A day to celebrate this nation’s birth

Let’s make it big for Bim independence

Let’s make it GRAND!

With a month long celebrations, we can’t go wrong.

2 Responses to Poem celebrates Barbados

  1. jrsmith October 27, 2016 at 4:10 pm

    So proud to be bajan, she brings with her the beauty of our people of Barbados…. one million hails to her….

  2. Joy Peterson October 28, 2016 at 5:24 pm

    So proud of you Kanzi


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