Decision day


courtA Rastafarian couple found guilty of failing to register their two children in school will know tomorrow not only what their punishment will be for that crime, but whether the Child Care Board’s attempt to make their children wards of the court will be heard by a judge.

Charles Lashley and Kim Jackman were found guilty on September 24 of breaching the Education Act, as there was no record of their children ever attending formal classes.

Sentencing by Magistrate Douglas Frederick is set for the District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court tomorrow.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Neville Watson is down to address the court on submissions made three weeks ago by the couple’s attorneys – Andrew Pilgrim, QC, Douglas Trotman, Ajamu Boardi and Sian Lange – questioning the legitimacy of the charge before the courts.

Also tomorrow, the High Court will make known its decision on whether it will hear a case in which the Child Care Board (CCB) is seeking to make the couple’s son and daughter wards of the court.

It is the second time this month that the matter has come before Acting Justice Cecil McCarthy.

This morning, Boardi and Lange filed affidavits and presented case law to support their arguments, while the CCB’s lawyer Beverley Walrond, QC also made submissions on behalf of her client.

Trotman, who represented the children in the matter, also made submissions on their behalf.

Crown Counsel Deidre Mckenna is legal counsel for the Ministry of Education.

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