Teachers back away from court threat

The Barbados Union of Teachers (BUT) has scrapped plans to take Government to court over the docking teachers’ pay back in May.

BUT President Pedro Shepherd told Barbados TODAY this evening that the union had been advised by its attorney that the court route would be too time consuming and costly.

“The lawyer is advising that it is going to take years to go that particular route,” said Shepherd, who revealed that his union was no longer interested in pursuing legal redress for over 700 teachers whose pay was cut by about $300 each after they attended two separate meetings called by the BUT back in April and May.

The action came at the height of an impasse between the BUT and the Ronald Jones-led ministry.

While the union has been insisting that teachers were well within their right to attend the meetings called by the union, the ministry has been contending otherwise, with Shepherd reporting today that all they have been getting is the official run around from Government.

He said even though the matter had been brought to the attention of Prime Minister Freundel Stuart and his entire Cabinet “nobody seems willing to make a decision on it”.

At the same time, Shepherd said the union had attempted to use moral suasion but those efforts have failed, with the Ministry of Education simply refusing to budge.

And with teachers still complaining about their individual losses, Shepherd pointed out that the BUT itself had spent over $12,000 in legal fees “and still ain’t nowhere”.

He also expressed concern that his union would not be able to pull off any more meetings with its members during school hours since “people are afraid to come out”.

“We are going to have to find a strategy to get some discussion on it,” said Shepherd, who had earlier promised that “we are going to fight this issue until there is a decision one way or the other”.

3 Responses to Teachers back away from court threat

  1. Realist October 26, 2016 at 6:30 am

    Dear Shepherd, you are weak: a coward at his best. The only recourse that you have is to resign and get that promised Head Teacher post from Ronald Jones.

    All gifted presidents know when to call out the teachers. You had many – Common Entrance Day, CXC Math and English days – that you refused to take. You called out the teachers on some irrelevant day and played into the ministry’s hand. Since you and the teachers are all cowards, the ministry slapped you in the face and sent you packing. GOOD FOR YOU and the now broken union and WEAK, WEAK teachers. Ronald Jones should have been put in his place a long time ago. If the teachers are WEAK, the children and the society at large would to be WEAKER. The outcome is what Barbadians have today: a broken down society.

    Can you recall when all of the unions looked up to the BUT? When it had Sandiford on his toes? What happened to those teachers, are they dead? I am convinced something was placed in the water to turn Barbadians stupid and more docile.

  2. harry turnover October 26, 2016 at 7:33 am

    Shepherd you know the Lawyer fooling you.You and he and EVERYBODY knows that wunna woulda lose that case.
    Ya talked too much and your actions were MUCH louder than your words…..big man you were found out to be nothing more than a paling cock…..keeping bare noise just before a Term starts and calling out Teachers during working hours and saying wunna en striking…you is a Lawyer or wha ?
    Teachers on a work to rule and all that rhetoric….when 3 oclock wuk done and all that garbage and play you en know that class4 teachers doing extra lessons after 3 on the SCHOOL PREMISES ,USING THE SCHOOLS FACILITIES FOR MONEY.
    You doan know that the same way wunna did want to put the Government in Court for teking way money that wunna din wuk for that the Government shoulda sue YOU for allowing those teachers to use the GOVERNMENT FACILITIES for their own SELF- AGGRANDIZEMENT.

  3. Sue Donym October 26, 2016 at 2:17 pm

    Finally! Someone has admitted that it’s not about the principle, it’s about the money!
    You won’t be able to pull off any more meetings during school hours because you finally got hit in the pocket. The lesson is, have as many meetings as you like, want or need – on your own time.


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