No decision on Hyatt, says Town Planner

Following Monday’s unannounced site visit by Prime Minister Freundel Stuart and other top officials, Government Tuesday assured that no approval has been given to the proposed 15-storey Hyatt Centric Hotel Resort.

In fact, Chief Town Planner Mark Cummins, who was also a member of the touring party which was spotted by reporters at Bay Street, The City, left the door wide open for the Prime Minister, who is the minister responsible for Town Planning, to make a final “decision” on the application, which he said was still being assessed.

Chief Town Planner Mark Cummins
Chief Town Planner Mark Cummins

“And note I am saying decision, because decision could be ‘yes’ or ‘no’. I don’t want to say approval,” said Cummins, who stressed to Barbados TODAY that “no decision has been made to date, as of October 25, as far as I am concerned”.

The top planning official also explained that under Section 18 of the Town Planning Act it was a requirement that a formal application must be made to the minister for all matters relating to beachfront development.

The planned construction of the resort has not gone down well in some quarters, with the Barbados National Trust and social activist and attorney-at-law David Comissiong both raising objections on environmental grounds.

The Trust fears if the project is allowed to go ahead, Barbados could lose its United Nations World Heritage designation because the hotel is due to be built in the heart of the island’s World Heritage site of Bridgetown and its Historic Garrison.

Comissiong has written the Chief Town Planner demanding that the application be subjected to “a most rigorous and comprehensive” environmental impact and assessment procedure, including a social impact assessment study.

In an August 4, 2016 letter to Cummins, Comissiong also requested that the people of the neighbouring communities be consulted in town hall meetings and that the relevant sociological surveys and assessments be done before permission was granted to the project.

The 237-room resort is to be situated on almost three acres of waterfront, next to Liquidation Centre and opposite Bethel Methodist Church. It is due to open its doors in 2019. 

4 Responses to No decision on Hyatt, says Town Planner

  1. Phil October 26, 2016 at 8:57 am

    Is Fruendel Stuart an architect or construction engineer? What exactly does he know about the science to make expert or certified decision on this particular case? Commissiong is all Yabba dabba dabba do. He knows nothing about building construction and engineering. Once there are no structural issues, let the person – best qualified and paid accordingly to make that decision. and that is The Chief Town Planner, Mr. Mark Thompson. If we carefully evaluate the potential revenue and success this project will bring to Barbados, and leave the politics out, we will no doubt go ahead with it. Businesses will spring to life in Bay Street, and extend to Bridgetown. Nightlife activity which will include adult entertainment, local Bajan cultural shows, bars and such like will prosper. I can visualize Nelson Street being converted into a Swan Street, Peripheral earnings will surface. More employment means more tax for Govt. more Union dues, more services like clothing and hair braiding. more duty free shopping on both Bay Street and in Bridgetown central. More security personnel. more car rentals, more ground tours. This is a classical way to showcase heritage Bridgwtown at night. I challenge Mr. David Commissiong and Mark Williams to come up with something for the city better than this. Something that will earn half of one percent of this. Mr. Prime Minister, are you reading this? Show your strength. This challenge is to you too.

  2. seagul October 26, 2016 at 11:15 am

    Hyatt would be better serve in the vicinity on the outskirts of Bridgetown in the direction of the boardwalk. Congestion in little Bridgetown could bring chaos.

    • phil October 26, 2016 at 11:38 am

      hat about bring life and business back to Bridgeton? What about stimulating the economy? Congestion? Means more traffic, more gas used, more gas bought more taxis. more dollars. More money man, more moneyt., Where is your business head? ore you one of those persons who complain that the whites and Indians make all the money?

  3. seagul October 26, 2016 at 12:44 pm

    Bridgetown can and would still profit tremendously. Barbados is a small island state. We must not rush to be placed on a shelf. We don’t need a pimper’s paradise.


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