Exciting period ahead

you're welcomeWith all that is happening and will happen during the course of the next week, we must not lose our focus in generating interest and business for the future.

I am pretty sure speaking about this before, but I believe that a little reminder cannot hurt. In this industry, we all have different roles and, in my mind, the key to overall success is having everyone understand and execute their specific roles, regardless to what is taking place.

We are just days away from a flurry of activities. November has been designated as culinary month and restaurants across the entire island are expected to participate actively in this initiative.

The Barbados Food and Rum Festival will take place from the 17th to 20th of November. It will be a packed calendar with an exciting opening event planned for Oistins Bay Garden on the 17th.

Our 50th anniversary of  Independence celebrations will be punctuated with many other events pre and post November 30th. The list of events looks exciting.

From a tourism marketing point-of-view, we have many other things happening. The World Travel Market takes place from 7th to 9th of November and then there is an inaugural flight from Munich on Condor on the 12th of November.

On the 19th of November, there is another inaugural flight, this time from Newark to Barbados on Jet Blue.  With all of these things taking place, the Barbados Association in Canada will have their Independence Ball on the 19th of November. So too will the Barbados Association in Orlando that same date.

Additionally, there is the trade promotion in France in preparation for the commencement of service from that source market in February 2017. All of these activities are important and worthy of support at every level.

This also means that some of us will have to miss out on the excitement of what is taking place here on island in order to get on with what is necessary to help our future; this is just a fact of life.

To some of us, it may seem unfortunate that we are unable to participate in the various festivities, but then I am reminded of the role that each of us play.  The festivities are expected to be great but then there is tomorrow.

If we are going to optimize the seats on the various aircraft that we have negotiated to fly into the island, then being in attendance at some of these various sales and marketing initiatives will have to occupy our attention at a time when everyone else seems to be enjoying themselves.

For those living in the source markets and are planning various celebrations, there is a very good possibility that you may not be able to attract the support that you desire for your event. Then there is the risk of being out of the island and not being able to get back because of the availability of airline seats.

These are all exciting things that are going to take place. They will most definitely create a buzz around the island and provide many memorable stories to share with the world. These activities will require the collaboration of everyone. I invite you to do just that.

Tourism is our business. Let us play our part!

(Alvin Jemmott is a veteran hotel management executive and chairman of the state-run Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc.)


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