Con men posing as Flow employees

Police are advising householders not to allow anyone purporting to be a Flow technician into their homes without first being shown proper identification.

This comes on the heels of reports of that con men were contacting homeowners, pretending to be Flow technicians on the job.

“It has been drawn to the attention of the police and is circulating on social media that there are a number of persons either visiting residences or making contact via telephone purporting to be employees of the utility company Flow and offering services. The general public is reminded of the dangers associated with entertaining persons offering services without first seeking to validate the authenticity of those persons offering services,” Public Relations Officer of the Royal Barbados Police Force (RBPF) Acting Inspector Roland Cobbler said.

In this regard, the police spokesman is suggesting that residents insist on being shown valid forms of identification before opening their doors, and to contact the utility company to determine if the particular service was being offered. He also advised Barbadians to report all suspicious activities to the police immediately.

Meanwhile, Director of Communications and Stakeholder Management at Flow Marilyn Sealy explained that that company’s technicians wear uniforms and possess company identification cards.

“Cable & Wireless Communications, the parent company of Flow Barbados has been made aware of persons engaged in suspicious activities under the guise of Flow employees. We therefore take this opportunity to remind our customers/business partners and general public, that the company protocol for technicians, engineers and contractors, to present themselves in uniforms, accompanied by a valid company identification to perform installations or address service-related matters,” Sealy said.

With customers facing a growing number of email scams, she also advised against giving personal information via email.

“Please also note that Flow would never ask you in an email to verify personal information such as your account number, user name, pass word, address or national ID number. Flow takes both personal and security information very seriously and we remain committed to protecting our customers,” Sealy emphasized.

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