Springer gets in trouble over sex demand

courtA 55-yerar-old St Michael man has been warned to stay out of trouble for the next six months. If he doesn’t, he will spend three months behind bars at HMP Dodds.

That was the sentence handed down Monday by Magistrate Douglas Frederick to Ruel Clairmont Springer, of Deacons Main Road, after he admitted to assaulting Tammika Nicholls.

According to the facts read by police prosecutor Sergeant Neville Watson, Springer and Nicholls live together. On the day in question, Nicholls was asleep in their bedroom when Springer woke her up with his amorous intentions, but she rejected his advances.

He reportedly got upset when Nicholls continued to deny him the intimacy he sought, and he tried to take off her clothes.

Nicholls then called the accused a derogatory name and he slapped her. He allegedly slapped her a second time when she repeated the remark.

In his explanation to the court, Springer said he provided “everything” for Nicholls and when he arrived home on October 16, “I ask her for sex and she refused and I got vex and slapped her on the leg”.

“I love de woman; I love her very deeply,” Springer told the magistrate. “I won’t do it no more.”

Nicholls also took to the stand and requested that Springer stop saying mean things to her, to which the accused replied: “I am not going to do nothing so no more. I mean her no harm.”

However, Magistrate Frederick made it clear to Springer that he could not take advantage of Nicholls “because she lives with you”.

He then placed the accused on the bond to keep the peace and be of good behaviour, saying: “Try and behave yourself in relation to the complainant. She loves you.”

Springer agreed, and as Nicholls stepped out of the witness box, he declared loudly: “I love you so bad!”

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  1. Alex Alleyne October 19, 2016 at 8:37 am

    Hey boss man , what you doing now you should have done in the beginning, “go find you self another woman.
    Plastic Bag style…..”What some some men would do for oil”.


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