GUYANA – Contractor refuses to correct shoddy work at Baracara

GEORGETOWN – Residents of Baracara, some 65 miles up the Canje River, are feeling cheated and used by the Regional Administration and the respective Government agencies.

They are accusing the authorities of trying to foist substandard work on them. But they are prepared to carry their predicament to President David Granger.

One of the sections where the revetment was constructed.
One of the sections where the revetment was constructed.

Over the years the community has been neglected by the previous administration and they are of the opinion that the same thing is happening all over again.

Their latest troubles are being compounded by the fact that a contractor, Mark Gupta, who was contracted by the Regional Administration of Region 6 to do revetment work, allegedly did substandard work.

He is reportedly now refusing to do corrective work after being ordered to do so. Several residents had protested about the shoddy work and refused to sign documents to clear the way for him to be paid. According to contractual arrangements, residents in the area have to sign the relevant documents which indicated that they are satisfied with the work before the contractor could be paid.

However, according to residents, the man was paid and given a substantial amount of new contracts by the said Regional Administration.

The cost of the work is in the vicinity of $7.1M.

They had staged a protest which brought the work to a halt. But they said that on the advice of the Regional Engineer the contractor was told to resume work.

After continuing to show disapproval, a team that included Senior Superintendent of Works, Ruhullah Ali, Works Committee member Erwin Abdullah, contractor Mark Gupta and some members of the media visited the area.

During inspection and discussions with residents, it was observed that the work was substandard and needed to be rectified.

Among complaints was the issue that concrete walkways which were in existence for years were destroyed and not replaced. The contractor, instead of fetching dirt to fill up the revetment, allegedly used a bulldozer to level the area, thus leaving a muddy basin in front of a school. 

Source: (Kaieteur News)

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