Bottle of rum costs man $500

courtThe bottle of rum he stole from a supermarket was only worth $6.40, but 35-year-old Cameron Antonio Brewster ended up having to shell out much more than that.

The Parish Land, Christ Church resident was slapped with a $500 fine after pleading guilty to stealing the liquor from Douglas Supermarket in Silver Sands, Christ Church on October 1.

He admitted to the crime when he appeared in the Oistins Magistrates’ Court today.

The court heard that Brewster walked into the supermarket and was seen by owner Carl Douglas walking through the aisle where the alcohol was kept, and then putting the bottle in his pants pocket.

Douglas then went over to Brewster and told him what he had seen and requested a search, and the item was found.

“First of all, I apologize for my actions,” Brewster told Acting Magistrate Alliston Seale, who had asked him to explain his actions.

“I was wrong for doing that. I was stressed out and I would please ask for your forgiveness in the matter, Sir. It will never happen again, Sir,” Brewster assured.

Seale ordered Brewster to pay the court $500 forthwith or spend six months in prison.

The fine was paid.

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