No talk shop

Church promises action following consultation on families

Leaders of the local Anglican church are promising to act on recommendations coming out of its consultation on the family, to ensure that the activity was not “just another talk shop”.

Of particular concern are drugs and crime, but church leaders said all issues that affect the Barbadian family had their attention and they intended to develop programmes to address those issues.

The Diocese of Barbados Wednesday organized a national consultation under the theme, Restoring Our Barbadian Family.

“This is not a one-off something. In another two weeks we will meet as a committee and then we will refine it and try to get a small core group together.

“I know in the past we meet and discuss but nothing [happened after], but we don’t want this here to be just another talk shop. So the idea is to carry it forward,” Canon Wayne Isaacs told Barbados TODAY.   

Canon Wayne Isaacs
Canon Wayne Isaacs

No timetable was given for the launch of any of the programmes which church leaders said they would initiate, although Isaacs said they were in the process of identifying what community-based outreach programmes already existed in order to avoid duplication.

Nonetheless, the leaders were at pains to explain that they would adopt a more proactive approach towards charting a path to help address the vexing issues facing families in Barbados.

“We have all of the working groups’ comments. We will be able to have a final working document that will guide the discussion of our church, especially in terms of what the next step will be, what we need to respond to in a very concrete way, but also to inform the national discussion at a Governmental level, because the Church still has a very strong voice in the community,” Reverend Dr Marcus Lashley stressed.

Reverend Dr Marcus Lashley
Reverend Dr Marcus Lashley

The Anglican priest said the Church was still had the ability to influence “the type of changes that need to be made as we go forward as a nation”, and that recommendations coming out of the consultation, which included other faiths, were “something eventually our political leaders should listen to”.

Chairman of the family life committee of the Diocese of Barbados George Griffith described yesterday’s meeting as a fruitful one, stating: “We are not going to let the country down. We feel that we have set the ball rolling and we now have to show what we are worth.”

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