Kicked out!

Mccollin moved to jail after altercations at drug rehab facility

courtIt was back to HMP Dodds for Corey Omar Jerome McCollin Thursday, this time to spend a three-month sentence after he was kicked out of Verdun House for unacceptable behaviour.

McCollin, 30, of no fixed placed of abode, was admitted to the drug rehabilitation facility on October 5 after officials at the Psychiatric Hospital referred him for treatment, following a three-week assessment.

The placement also came on the heels of his guilty plea before Magistrate Douglas Frederick on a charge of possession of a hatchet, a chisel and duct tape for use in connection with committing burglary.

However, what was to be a three-month stint at Verdun House came to a premature end after an official informed the No. 1 District ‘A’ Magistrates Court that McCollin had been involved in many verbal confrontations with his peers because of his negative attitude towards treatment.

The court was also told that McCollin was involved in a physical altercation in which he inappropriately touched another person.

He was therefore discharged from primary treatment and will not be eligible for re-entry before December 19.

However, his readmittance would depend on whether the person he inappropriately touched enrolls in the second phase of treatment.

McCollin was scheduled to be released from the facility on January 27, 2017.

Magistrate Frederick imposed the prison sentence on McCollin for the crime to which he had earlier pleaded guilty.

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