Fatal fishing trip

Husband dies at sea just before anniversary

Trina Denny and her husband Anthony Cameron Denny had big plans for next Thursday.

The couple, who have been together for the past eight years, was preparing to mark their fourth wedding anniversary with a staycation at the Radisson Aquatic Resort.

However, instead of celebratory plans, 41-year-old Trina will now be making funeral preparations, following the untimely death of her 58-year-old husband, who plummeted to his death during a fishing expedition gone wrong.

Police say it was 1:05 a.m. Friday, when the tragedy occurred.

A grieving Trina Denny (left), wife of Anthony Denny, surrounded by family members, including sister Anya Weekes and cousin Jamel Hinds. 
A grieving Trina Denny (left), wife of Anthony Denny, surrounded by family members, including sister Anya Weekes and cousin Jamel Hinds.

At the time, the deceased and a friend were on the sea rocks where they were fishing. While packing up to leave for home, Anthony reportedly fell off the sea rocks into the sea. His friend immediately raised an alarm in an effort to get help for Anthony, who had fallen approximately 100 feet, before disappearing under the water.

Today his devastated wife told Barbados TODAY between tears that she was now forced to abandon her anniversary plans and prepare to face life as a widow.

“I just had to cancel the reservations we made for the hotel next week. We only made the reservations yesterday,” she said while holding back tears.

The couple met while Trina was working at Woolworth and Anthony was one of that company’s suppliers.

The late Anthony Denny
The late Anthony Denny

Their friendship quickly blossomed and mushroomed into a romance that was sealed with commitment.

Describing Anthony as “a loving, devoted and generous” husband, Trina said, “He would just give, even when you aren’t expecting it.

“He just used to surprise me,” she said of her late husband, who was employed as a salesman at FYS Distribution, but enjoyed going on weekly fishing trips –– mainly on Sundays –– and playing pool.

The couple, who loved travelling and vacationing together, was also planning to go on a cruise next year.

Anthony, who has one child outside of wedlock, was also due to travel to Florida for his daughter’s wedding.

However, all those plans were halted in the wee hours of this morning.

Supported by her sister Anya Weekes, in their Harlington, St Philip home, Trina recounted her last conversation with her husband mere hours before his death.

“I spoke to him around 10:30 and he was still fishing . . . he was telling me that the lines were tangled in the rocks . . . and [I said] I know it’s about 10:30 right now . . . so hurry up and come home,” Trina said.

An emotional Trina said her husband responded saying, “okay”.

However, a few hours later she would receive a telephone call from her cousin alerting her that her husband had disappeared along the island’s southern waters.

“When I heard the phone ring and I saw that it was him, my cousin, I just figured that it was something. He just started by saying I got some bad news and my initial response . . . [was], ‘I don’t want to hear, don’t tell me’,” Trina recalled.

However, after receiving the news, Trina said she followed police instructions to wait until sunrise to begin a search party.

It was around 6 a.m. that she eventually set about with her sister to search for her husband at Foul Bay, St Philip, only to discover his body washed ashore.

“I did see a figure on the beach, but initially I was thinking maybe it’s a log or something, because people were on the beach doing their own thing. I didn’t think it could be somebody the way that people were just passing by like nothing, but as I got closer, I recognized that it was him,” the sobbing wife told Barbados TODAY.

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  1. cathy vergis October 20, 2016 at 5:55 pm

    This whole story sounds suspicious. I hope it’s investigated to the fullest!
    Any good reporter would not use the wording,”a child out of wedlock”!


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